Sharing my thoughts…finally!

Okay, so I guess it’s been about two months since I told you I was trying the somewhat-but-not-really new superfoods program many people are talking about. Yep, Isagenix. I have tried several of the products and I am finally taking a few minutes to share my thoughts on the system and the products I’ve tried. (This was the first shipment of products I received!) Once again, I … Continue reading Sharing my thoughts…finally!

I need to say something

Weight Watchers worked for me. It will ALWAYS be THE program I promote. It is what I believe in wholeheartedly. Forever. And. Ever. With that being said, I am a firm believer in doing what is going to work for YOU. Not for me. Not for your husband. Not for your children. Not for your friends. Not for your family. Not for your coworkers. YOU! … Continue reading I need to say something

The hard truth…

Warning…I’m in a mood right now (I live in Minnesota, enough said!) and probably shouldn’t be posting, but I’m gonna anyway. It’s about to get real in here. And if I sound like I am standing on a soapbox, I’m sorry. Well, kind of. But not really. Remember, it’s getting real. (This is the first snowfall of the season – November 10 – and we … Continue reading The hard truth…

It all begins with a single step

Back when I was a little more than 200 pounds (roughly five years or so ago), running was something I only did if it were raining outside and I had to run from my car to a store. Running was for athletes. People in shape. Skinny people. Definitely, not me. I was never an athlete in school. I never participated in sports. Well, except if … Continue reading It all begins with a single step

Standing on a soapbox

I read this on a friend’s Facebook page, which you can check out here, and I thought I would share my thoughts. First off, she was spot on and I couldn’t agree more strongly! Way to go, Phoenix! I have been on my healthy living journey (that’s what I call it because I don’t use the “D” word. You know, THAT one…DIET!) since November of … Continue reading Standing on a soapbox