Feeling honored and appreciated!

Back when I started blogging, in January of 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. Heck, I still have no idea what I am doing. I’m just doing. Blogging has not only been an outlet for me to keep things real throughout my healthy living journey, it has provided so much more. Yes, it definitely helps to keep me accountable, but I think and … Continue reading Feeling honored and appreciated!

Quick recap of the race!

Good Monday morning readers! I had every intention of blogging yesterday after the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon, but not sure what happened. I. Was. Shot. I feel asleep shortly before 8 p.m. YES, EIGHT! And didn’t wake up until about 8 o’clock this morning. Apparently, I needed some sleep! I am going to share a quick little recap of the race and then I … Continue reading Quick recap of the race!

More exciting news!

I don’t event know where to begin! Again, there has been lots going on. At least in the world of running, racing and fitness. First off, not only am I now an ambassador for FitFluential, I am also a Sweat Pink ambassador. I submitted my application to Fit Approach last week and received my approval just a few days later. I am so excited to be … Continue reading More exciting news!