LOTS to talk about!

Where do I began? So much has happened since I last posted and it’s only been FIVE days! I’ve raced, I celebrated Valentine’s Day, I signed up for more races, I ate a really unusual meal, I’ve tasted some really cool beers AND, I not only signed up to become a certified running coach, but I also signed up to become a certified group fitness instructor! Yep… If you … Continue reading LOTS to talk about!

What’s next?

So yesterday’s post about me leaving/quitting Weight Watchers begged the question, what’s next? What’s on the agenda? What am I going to be doing? What’s my next big adventure, the newest chapter in the book of Celeste? Before I answer that, I first must tell you how humbled, honored and overwhelmed I was with all the responses I received through Facebook messages, emails, texts and blog … Continue reading What’s next?