A word from my better half!

CELEBRATING OUR 100th RACE! Just yesterday, my husband, Al, and I celebrated running our 100th race! The race, the¬†Henning Polzine 5K,¬†took place in Henning, MN, a small town with a population of about 800 people. It’s close to where we live. Well, it’s about a 40 or so minute drive, but that’s close to us. We first ran this race back in 2010. In fact, … Continue reading A word from my better half!

I. Have. Asthma. Period.

April 12. Fred Kurz 10-mile race in the Twin Cities. Worst. Time. Breathing. EVER! Around mile six, maybe even seven or eight, I started having a harder-than-usual time breathing. By mile nine, I was breathing pretty hard. Not gasping, mind you. But definitely different than my normal heavy-almost-panting-while-running breathing. I used my albuterol inhaler before the race, like I typically do any time I run … Continue reading I. Have. Asthma. Period.