Show me what you got, 2015!

It still amazes me sometimes that I am a runner. It truly is not something I ever imagined I would do. Run. Really? Yep. Me, a runner. And not only that, but I do actually love it. Well, most of the time, anyway. So, what does 2015 have in store for me, Celeste Edenloff, Miss Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl? I’m not sure, but … Continue reading Show me what you got, 2015!

Part two – Denver Half-Marathon

So, have you been wondering what happened at the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon? I will tell you, but first let me share a bit more about the race, including the map of where we ran, the elevation and my splits (ugh!). First off, though, it feels so good to be back home in Alexandria. Yes, vacations are great, but there is something about being home … Continue reading Part two – Denver Half-Marathon