Sharing my thoughts…finally!

Okay, so I guess it’s been about two months since I told you I was trying the somewhat-but-not-really new superfoods program many people are talking about. Yep, Isagenix. I have tried several of the products and I am finally taking a few minutes to share my thoughts on the system and the products I’ve tried. (This was the first shipment of products I received!) Once again, I … Continue reading Sharing my thoughts…finally!

Jumping jacks, squats AND mosquitos!

This morning was amazingly awesome! I am SO proud of the 20 courageous women who not only signed up for my six-week beginner bootcamp class, but who also showed up and worked hard! They squatted, sprinted, crunched, jumping jacked, chair posed, jumped rope, arm circled and reversed lunged for 45 minutes this morning at a park in Alexandria. And, as impressed as I was by this, I … Continue reading Jumping jacks, squats AND mosquitos!

Why yes, I do teach group fitness classes!

Okie dokie, folks, it’s getting real. Really real. Guess who officially starts teaching group fitness classes next week? Yep, you guessed it – ME! It’s still so surreal. Me? A fitness instructor. Crazy. If you would have told me seven or eight years ago that I would be teaching fitness classes, I would have probably fallen on the floor laughing and then I probably wouldn’t … Continue reading Why yes, I do teach group fitness classes!