My husband’s story!

Over the past six years my husband, Al, and I have been running, he has had some of the “best” adventures that always leads to him telling the greatest stories. He’s gotten lost on more than one occasion. He’s puked in front of the Bellagio in Vegas and he’s had to take care of “business” off course behind some trees in Fargo. Yes, he’s had … Continue reading My husband’s story!

Say what?

We never really know what is in store for us, do we? We never really know what the future holds. For nearly the past two years, I have been happily – VERY happily – working at Vital Fit Club in Alexandria. I work the front desk, teach group fitness classes, personal train and apparently am the assistant manager, although to be honest, there wasn’t much … Continue reading Say what?

Race reports, doctor appointments, goals and more

So, hey. How ya doing? I guess it’s been a little while, huh? If you were to check my blog each year at around this time of year, you would probably find the same thing – few and far between posts. See, the thing is, I get in a funk this time of year. As it gets colder and there is less and less daylight, … Continue reading Race reports, doctor appointments, goals and more