Raw, real emotions…that’s what I am about

As I was washing my hands at the bathroom sink after I got home from work today, I crumbled to the floor as my emotions got the better of me. I couldn’t stop the tears anymore. They gushed out of me like water over a waterfall. I had a brief moment this morning as I was getting ready for work that I lost it as well, … Continue reading Raw, real emotions…that’s what I am about

Randomness…in photos

I was cleaning my purse out earlier today and thought about the randomness of its contents. It got me thinking about the random photos on my iPhone. I decided to download them and post some of them here. Yes, some of them you may have seen – either on my Instagram page or my Facebook page.  Some of them you haven’t as they are just random photos … Continue reading Randomness…in photos

Why wait?

I over did it. With food, not exercise. Unfortunately. And…fortunately! This holiday season, I kind of let myself slip a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. But, you want to know what? I’m okay with it. And you want to know another thing? I think my husband is, too. The last few Christmas seasons, I’ve been, well, let’s just say, a little tense. Okay, … Continue reading Why wait?