I thought I was ready…

LONG POST WARNING! BUT IT’S GOOD, SO CONTINUE READING…ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE END. PLEASE. AND THANK YOU! I know I promised a post about Amanda and I will post about her, trust me. But, I thought I would first update everyone on my race attempt this past Saturday. If you don’t know, I am struggling with some foot issues right now. Read my last post … Continue reading I thought I was ready…

A five-minute PR. Onion Rings. Weight Watchers and more!

So, once again, it has been FOREVER since I’ve been on here. I guess I let life sometimes get in the way and sometimes, to be real honest, I don’t feel like I have much to say. Not that I really have that much to say today either, but I felt the urge to let you know what’s been happening! And, as usual, I will do it … Continue reading A five-minute PR. Onion Rings. Weight Watchers and more!

Jumping jacks, squats AND mosquitos!

This morning was amazingly awesome! I am SO proud of the 20 courageous women who not only signed up for my six-week beginner bootcamp class, but who also showed up and worked hard! They squatted, sprinted, crunched, jumping jacked, chair posed, jumped rope, arm circled and reversed lunged for 45 minutes this morning at a park in Alexandria. And, as impressed as I was by this, I … Continue reading Jumping jacks, squats AND mosquitos!

Best AND worst race!

Things I may have been worried about during our last race…my asthma, the weather, lack of training, the course and whether or not I would be able to run the WHOLE thing. All. Ten. Miles. What I wasn’t worried about? My always trusty, always reliable, mostly accurate Garmin Forerunner 220 sports watch. Last Saturday, March 7, the hubster and I ran in Twin Cities in Motion’s … Continue reading Best AND worst race!