Time to get more real, more raw

We all have feelings, but when dealing with elderly, dying parents, your feelings/emotions are going to run the gamut – sometimes from one minute or even one second to the next – and it can take a toll. There’s anger. Sadness. Guilt. Joy. Love. Helplessness. Fear. Relief. Bitterness. Exhaustion. You can feel resentful. Happy. Overwhelmed. Worried. Thankful. Appreciative. Neglectful. Controlling. Numb. I know there are so many … Continue reading Time to get more real, more raw


These are pictures of my awesomely loving parents almost one year ago. Here are pictures of them today: The reality? Their health has declined. I knew it would. My dad with his Alzheimer’s and mom with her dementia. They are fading. They are suffering and it hurts. MY DAD My dad recently moved to the nursing home in Parkers Prairie, but he is not doing … Continue reading Reality