My husband’s story!

Over the past six years my husband, Al, and I have been running, he has had some of the “best” adventures that always leads to him telling the greatest stories. He’s gotten lost on more than one occasion. He’s puked in front of the Bellagio in Vegas and he’s had to take care of “business” off course behind some trees in Fargo. Yes, he’s had … Continue reading My husband’s story!

What is going on?

That question – What is going on? – could be asked of several different things. First, the weather. Seriously, there is a frost warning for tonight and it is the middle of May. MAY! WTH! Thinking about the weather and what is going on with it makes me too depressed. And I’ll tell you what, the pint of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Half Baked … Continue reading What is going on?

LOTS to talk about!

Where do I began? So much has happened since I last posted and it’s only been FIVE days! I’ve raced, I celebrated Valentine’s Day, I signed up for more races, I ate a really unusual meal, I’ve tasted some really cool beers AND, I not only signed up to become a certified running coach, but I also signed up to become a certified group fitness instructor! Yep… If you … Continue reading LOTS to talk about!