It’s been a whirlwind two weeks…I can’t believe it’s been that long since I last posted. Shame. On. Me. So, what’s been happening? Well, since my last post, I ran my third Women Rock 10K, my first Victory Labor Day 10K and my third Graniteman 10K. I guess you can say I’ve been a little busy. Here’s some pics from the races: Women Rock – … Continue reading Changes!

Getting down and dirty

Last weekend, oh boy! To try and sum it up in one word? Hmmmm. Let’s see…busymuddyhawaiianlaughterchallengingtiringbutohsofun! Okay, that’s not really one word, but it describes my weekend to a tee – Busy. Muddy. Hawaiian. Laughter. Challenging. Tiring. But…oh-so-fun! Before I get started on my weekend, I’m gonna let you know a little secret. I’ve kind of been in this funk lately. You know, the I … Continue reading Getting down and dirty

A path with no direction

Last weekend, my hubby and I, along with a few friends, participated in the Pillsbury Push 5K/10K race in Kerkhoven, MN. We ran this one last year and it was fun, so we decided to do it again. From left to right: One of my best friends from school, Trena; Tammy (Trena’s sister); Sandy (Trena’s sister); Don (Sandy’s husband); me; and Al. The angle of … Continue reading A path with no direction