We came. We saw. My husband conquered.

Young people. Older people. Shorter people. Tall people. Skinnier people. Pleasingly plump people. Injured people. Elite athletic extremely fit people. One-legged people. Broken arm people. Asthmatic people. Cancer people. On-a-mission people. Fathers and daughters. Mothers and sons. Husbands and wives. Brothers. Sisters. Friends. Lovers. Family. Runners. Joggers. Walkers. Hobblers. The running community encompasses all kinds of people. And at races, you will see every kind there … Continue reading We came. We saw. My husband conquered.


WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS A TON OF PHOTOS AND IS SUPER LONG!   This was about half-way through my run yesterday. I had to stop by and visit my mom at St. Mary’s Cemetery. It hurt. I bawled my eyes out and that felt good. Really good. As I think about my mom today, I am going to share some random thoughts and lots of pictures from the … Continue reading Grief…

Time to get more real, more raw

We all have feelings, but when dealing with elderly, dying parents, your feelings/emotions are going to run the gamut – sometimes from one minute or even one second to the next – and it can take a toll. There’s anger. Sadness. Guilt. Joy. Love. Helplessness. Fear. Relief. Bitterness. Exhaustion. You can feel resentful. Happy. Overwhelmed. Worried. Thankful. Appreciative. Neglectful. Controlling. Numb. I know there are so many … Continue reading Time to get more real, more raw

Raw, real emotions…that’s what I am about

As I was washing my hands at the bathroom sink after I got home from work today, I crumbled to the floor as my emotions got the better of me. I couldn’t stop the tears anymore. They gushed out of me like water over a waterfall. I had a brief moment this morning as I was getting ready for work that I lost it as well, … Continue reading Raw, real emotions…that’s what I am about