I’m back…kind of

Hey everyone! Guess what. I am back. BUT…I have started a new, fresh blog. I decided I needed something new and I didn’t want to revamp this blog.

This blog, which I have been writing – on and off – since January 2009, contains so many ups and downs that I decided I wanted/needed a new, fresh start. Not sure, but I did. You will still be able to get to this blog, I have it linked on the new site.

So, what is the new site?

My new blog is called Newspaper Girl on the Run. And, you can find it by clicking HERE!

I hope you enjoy it. I do enjoy writing. My plan is to try really, really, really hard to write at least once a week. Most likely on Sundays. But, we’ll see what happens.

I hope all my followers join me on my new blog. If not, thanks for reading and take care!

I will be posting a new blog post shortly on Newspaper Girl on the Run, so please, check it out. Thanks to all my faithful readers, I appreciate you all.

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