The mind is an interesting thing

As she was running down a lonely country road, the sun was starting to peak above the horizon. The sky was aglow in shades of yellow, orange, red and purple. The air was thick and a light fog was just started to lift.

As the sun made it’s way past the horizon and into the Saturday morning sky, something on the side of the road, in the ditch, caught her eye. It was something wrapped in light green cloth, almost neon in color, with pinkish edges on one side. She decided to approach the object to get a closer look and it was then, she doubled over and upchucked the banana and peanut butter toast she ate before heading out the door for her morning run.


Five fingers attached to an arm, that she guessed belong to a male, were sticking out of the neon green cloth that lay in the ditch on the side of the road. Immediately, after tossing her breakfast, she reached for her phone and dialed 911.

This my friends is what I thought of on my run this morning after seeing a green cloth in the ditch. No, it was not wrapped around some arm, but in mind, it surely could have. Apparently, I watch too much Forsenic Files!

My mind comes up with lots of different scenarios when I am running based on what I see and hear, and I can write the best stories. There are times I wish I could stop, find a computer or use my phone and spew out the words stirring around in my mind. I probably could write a fairly decent murder mystery with all the stuff swirling around in my brain, stuff that comes from running early in the morning when my brain is fresh.

The arm-in-the-ditch scenario was all written in my head during my nearly one and a half hour (seven mile) run this morning. And I have to say, it was a pretty damn good story. By the way, the photo posted above was taken by me, but not on my run this morning. It was taken the other week on my way to bootcamp.

Someday, I might finish writing that story. It has potential.


One of my favorite things to do when I am running early in the morning is to take pictures of the sunrise. Yes, I will literally stop by run and often times, just stare and soak up the sunrise before taking photos. I love the sun and each day it rises it’s different – the sky is different, the color is different – it’s amazing.

I also have often changed up my route just to get a better view of the sun rising or a better angle for a photo. I probably have hundreds – yes, hundreds – of photos of sunrises. I also have plenty of sunsets and clouds and trees and lakes because I love nature in all its glory.

I am going to leave you with a few of favorites from the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

By the way, these were all taken with my iPhone 8. The first two were slightly edited while the last one was not edited one bit.

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