A costly mistake

Taking a rest at St. Mary’s Cemetery to visit my parents. 

Saturday morning was so gorgeous that instead of heading to the gym like we had been doing, Al and I each decided to head outside for a run. My goal? I wanted to get in a 10K (6.2 miles). It was so nice, I had to take advantage of getting in that distance outside because doing it inside on the dreadmill is not something I really want to do.

On my run, I decided to take a little break at the cemetery to visit my parents. Later on that day, we were going to be heading to St. Cloud to spend some time with my siblings and their families for our holiday get-together. We were celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all wrapped up into one day!

Although it was nice out, because of my asthma, I wore my face mask, like I always do. Breathing in cold air is not good for the lungs, especially the lungs of an asthmatic, like me. However, because it was so nice out, I got hot fast and was getting a good sweat on, which is for me is typical as I sweat really easy. Well, my mask got quite damp, so instead of breathing in warm, dry in, I ended up breathing in warm, damp air. When I stopped at the cemetery, I took my mask off for a bit and when I put it back on, it was then a cold, damp mask.

My breathing wasn’t the best at that point and breathing in the cold, damp air was definitely not doing me any favors. My asthma has been acting up the last couple of weeks and I have been using my nebulizer a few times. I did use it before my run, but by this point, its benefits were long gone. I ended up texting my son to come and pick me up because I knew I couldn’t finish. I could hear the wheezing over my music, so I know it wasn’t good.

My knight. Doesn’t he looked thrilled that he had to come and pick me up! 

Stats from my Garmin. 

I ended up only making it four and a half miles. And, because of my breathing, it was a slower four and a half miles. But, I was okay with at least getting in some miles. After Brandon dropped me off, I got on my neb machine right away and did another treatment. It definitely helped.

By the time we left for St. Cloud, I was breathing normal and everything was alright. Or so I thought. We got to the hotel and hung out in the pool area. All but one of my siblings were there. My brother, Charles, from Illinois, actually “surprised” us. Well, kind of. I had a sneaky suspicion he was going to be there. It was so awesome to be with my siblings and their families. We had a great time. It was sad that this was our first Christmas gathering without our parents, but we all still had lots of fun. And there was LOTS of laughter. We took some sibling photos – both nice and funny. We did a profile one because we all have big noses and we were wondering who has the biggest. It seriously was so fun being with everyone.

My brothers in the back are Steve, Mike and Charles and then my sister, Karen, and I are in front. We are missing my brother, Al, who lives in Idaho, and my sister, Donna, who passed away from breast cancer January 31, 2011. 

We all agree that Steve, the one standing the tallest, has the biggest nose, but Charles, who is right behind me is a close second! 

As the night went on, I could feel my chest tightening and my breathing becoming more difficult. The wheezing was starting to come back as well. Unfortunately, I made a HUGE MISTAKE and didn’t bring my nebulizer with me. And I ended up not having my inhaler with me either. Yes, I know, STUPID. I truly thought my inhaler was in my purse. I forgot I took it out and put it in my gym bag. Yes, the last couple of weeks I had been using it before working out.

As someone who struggles with asthma and sometimes has no clue when it is going to act up, I know better than to be without my inhaler. Seriously, I was so mad at myself. I was luckily enough that my sister-in-law had her inhaler with her. I did use it and it helped. For awhile. My husband, son and I made our way to our room around midnight. Maybe a little earlier. I tried to go to sleep right away while they stayed up and talked. As I was lying in bed, my breathing kept getting worse and I was struggling hard. Finally, after laying there for a bit, I got up and sat in the bathroom with the shower running. When my son was little, this always helped him with his asthma flare-ups so I thought I would try it for myself. Big mistake. I think it made it worse.

Around 2 p.m., I sent a message to my sister-in-law to see if by chance she was up and I could borrow her inhaler. Although at that point, I am not sure it would have worked anyway. I went online and read what to do when having an asthma attack with no inhaler. It said to sit straight up and take long, deep breaths. It also said to drink caffeinated coffee. My boys were still awake (they had had a couple of adult beverages and were having a very deep discussion about girls and relationships. It was actually pretty cool to listen to!). Anyway, they tried to make me a cup of coffee, but couldn’t get the machine to work. I couldn’t either.

I toyed with the idea of driving back to Alexandria to do a neb treatment and get my inhaler, but it was so late and I really was tired and it wasn’t the best idea. So, the boys went to sleep and I sat up in the chair that was in our room, trying to breath the best I could and try to fall asleep. It didn’t work real well. I toyed with the idea of calling my sister-in-law, but I have a thing about waking people up in the middle of the night. Stupid, I know.

I surfed the internet some more and found out that St. Cloud had an urgent care that would be opening at 9 a.m. SUPER! I thought. I would just hold out until then. I concentrated on my breathing, taking long, deep – or as deep as I could – breaths. I apparently didn’t get much sleep, from what the stats on my Fitbit showed the next morning.

My Fitbit stats – finally fell asleep shortly after 4:30 a.m. and was awake shortly before 8 a.m. 

Two hours and some minutes. Yep. Not much sleep at all. But as soon as I got up, I threw on my sweatshirt, checked myself in the mirror and took off for the urgent care clinic. I almost opted for the ER, but seriously, it was a money thing, not gonna lie. I already owe SO MUCH for when I had all my stomach issues that I just couldn’t make myself to the ER route. I got to the urgent care clinic around 8:45 a.m. and was the first one in the waiting room. THANK GOD! The doors finally opened and in I went.

I took these three pictures AFTER I had already been in the clinic and was taken care of. I knew I would end up blogging about it!

When my asthma acts up, it sometimes makes it very hard to talk. I sometimes have to whisper because it just takes so much out of me to use my full voice. It’s really kind of weird. Well, because I had not been there before, I had to do a lot of talking. It sucked. I had to talk to the receptionist, then the nurse, then the doctor, then the respiratory nurse. After the doctor came in, a super sweet lady, I got a nebulizer treatment almost immediately. She of course listened to my lungs and heard all the wheezing going on. After about 5-8 minutes of my neb treatment, the doctor came back in and took another listen. She said, “It always amazes me how quickly these treatments work.” And I agree. I know that when my asthma acts up, nothing works better than a good ol’ nebulizer treatment. And I knew that is what I needed.

You can tell when I am not feeling well, because I truly don’t care what I look like. I hadn’t showered or even brushed my teeth or hair. And, I had a big ol’ sweatshirt on, no bra and leftover makeup from the night before. I looked AND felt like crap. 

The doctor also put me on prednisone and gave me another inhaler to use. As much as I hate prednisone, I also know that it was what I needed. I was out of the clinic within about 35 minutes from start to finish. And then it was off to Target to pick up my prescriptions. Thank God that the CVS pharmacy inside of Target was open already. I made it back to the hotel by 10 a.m.

Had I actually brought my asthma meds with me, I could have avoided a costly trip to the urgent care clinic and two extra prescriptions. I am guessing next time I go somewhere, my nebulizer and my inhaler will be with me!

Regardless of my asthma episode, I did truly have a great time with my siblings and their families. And even though mom and dad weren’t with us physically, they were definitely on our minds and hearts.

I just have to share two more photos of me and my siblings…..I just love them (my siblings AND the photos!)

This one was taken by my nephew, Scottie, on his phone. Even though the picture is kind of grainy, I still like it because you can see all of us and see how we were sitting. You can also see the necklace I am wearing.  

This is the one taken with my camera. It’s crisp and clearer, although my sister, Karen, and my brother, Steve, aren’t in focus. My nephew, Trevor, took this one. You can also see the necklace I am wearing in this picture. 

The locket necklace I was wearing was my mom’s. It got left behind at the place she lived at and the caretaker, Jeanette, before giving it back to me, printed off pictures of my parents and put them in there for me. Bless her heart. So, you see, our parents were actually with us at our family gathering! 

4 thoughts on “A costly mistake

  1. Hey, just read your blog…I have had trouble with asthma also..just wanted to mention that chlorine from pools is a trigger for me. Hotel pools are very chlorinated. Be careful with that. I also have trouble with smoke from campfires. Everyone has things that trigger an attack, then try to avoid them.


  2. Love reading your blog and keeping up on your journey. Just wanted to mention that my husband also has asthma and uses Advair daily, which pretty much takes care of any breathing issues. Have you tried using it? Have a great holiday season!


  3. Thankyou, Cel. Quite a story here. Asthma shows no mercy, does it? Happy it all worked out in the end. Hugs to you & your entire family.❤❤❤❤❤❤


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