A little scary

So after my parents died, I didn’t think I would see the inside of an emergency room for quite some time. Guess I was wrong.

I’ve been there twice since Saturday night. The picture is from the second time.

After a week of not seeing my husband that much because of work, I was so looking forward to Saturday night and our usual “Date Night.”

Well, it didn’t go quite as planned. We were just finishing up dessert when I was hit with some massive stomach pains and upper back pain, across my shoulder blades. I felt nauseous and extremely bloated. And it wasn’t because I ate too much; I didn’t…for once.

I ended up flopping down on our living room floor, eventually making my way to the bathroom. For the next hour or so, I divided my time between the bathroom and the living room floor. I haven’t thrown up that much in a long time. And the pain, oh the pain.

Al eventually got his way and we were off to the emergency room. It was around 11:30 p.m., maybe closer to midnight. An IV was started and I was given some pain meds and some anti-nausea meds. I was feeling better, but not 100 percent.

I had blood and urine labs taken, a chest X-ray and CT scans with and without contrast die. Conclusion was that I needed an upper endoscopy done. I had esophageal thickening and they also found a hemangioma liver mass (this is nothing to be worried about because it is non-cancerous).

They first wanted to keep me overnight but we all decided it would be best if I went home. We left the ER at 5 a.m. Sunday morning. I went to sleep as soon as I got home. I ended up waking up around 9 a.m. and took my anti-nausea meds. Shortly before 10, I made my way back to the bathroom. Apparently the meds didn’t work. I ended up in the bathroom a few more times.

Al called the ER shortly before noon and was told that it was normal and that if it persisted to come in. Luckily, it didn’t. I slept on and off most of Sunday and dined on the awesome ice chips Al went and got for me from a convenience store. I slept most of the night Sunday, which felt really good.

Monday, I woke up not feeling the best again. I worked from home, but not a ton. I mainly slept. I was still dining on just ice chips. And kept taking the anti-nausea meds. I decided to try some Jell-O, it was black cherry. It went down okay, but I still felt super queasy. About four hours later, I made a trip back to the bathroom. And yep, upchucked again. This time, it was a little scary because I couldn’t tell if it was the Jell-O or blood. Turns out, it was probably a combination although it was mostly blood. (I know this because I took a picture of it and showed it to the doctor. Yes, I took a picture and yes, the doctor was actually happy about that.)

I called Al and told him what was going on and then called the ER. I ended up talking to the same nurse that helped me when I was there on Saturday/Sunday. He said I should either go into urgent care or back to the ER. I chose urgent care. I had some blood work done, which indicated I was dehydrated and needed fluids. Because it was so late in the day, I had to go over to the hospital to get the fluids. Back to the ER because the infusion nurse was gone for the day.

An IV was started – she got the needle in on the third try…did I mention I hate needles? And I got some different meds for my queasy stomach and a whole bag of fluids. The anti-nausea med this time came in the form of a shot…in my arse. Not real happy about that, but it did work. From my first visit to the ER to my second trip to the ER, I was poked with a needle at least eight times if not nine times. I have bruises and some of the spots still hurt. By the way, I have horrible veins and being dehydrated didn’t help. It was not the nurses fault at all. I have stupid, stupid veins.

After I was filled with fluids, I was sent on my way. We made it to Target in the nick of time to pick up my new meds for my queasy stomach and then we were on our way home. That was on Monday night.

Tuesday, I worked a bit from home in-between sleeping. I still wasn’t feeling the best. I had a burning sensation from my throat down to my gut and despite the new meds, still felt queasy. I dined on sips of water all day and then finally last night, Tuesday, I tried some chicken broth. Got about half of it down and then stopped because if I kept going, I knew it wouldn’t stay in.

It is now Wednesday morning and at 11:30 a.m. I am headed to the surgery center to have my upper endoscopy. I am hoping they figure something out soon so I can get to feeling better. On the upside, I have been averaging 10 or more hours of sleep per night, which is double the hours I am used to getting. I will post again when I know what the heck is wrong with me. If you don’t mind, I would love to have you send me some thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, some good juju or whatever else you want to throw my way. All of it is greatly appreciated.

SIDE NOTE: I do not have my gall bladder, my appendix or my tonsils. And I have half a thyroid. Wish I still had my gall bladder because that’s what this probably could be. But, I don’t and it’s not. Bummer.


15 thoughts on “A little scary

  1. Celeste hoping and praying for the best. Your young and strong you have a great backup team at home to help you. Prayers and hugs sent to you!! Rose


  2. Oh, my friend. These are not easy simple times. I am thankful that you aren’t struggling alone and that Al is a consistent advocate for your health. I will pray for answers and clear test results. Please continue to take good care of yourself and no more red jello when you have gastrointestinal distress.


  3. So sorry you are having to deal with this after everything you have gone through! sending you hugs and prayers. Stay positive! hoping you get answers soon.



  4. Celeste, you don’t know me but I live by you on South Darling Drive. I experienced something very similar, I also had no gall bladder as I had had it removed 8 years earlier, and I was always told I had acid reflux after endoscopies as I would get these “attacks” that mimicked gall bladder attacks, they were extremely painful and debilitating. Thanks to a persistent Nurse Practitioner named Bobbie Montgomery, who had a hunch, she ordered an MRCP of my liver and surrounding bile ducts. Here I still had two gallstones in my liver bile duct for 8 years! Immediately she ordered An ERCP surgery in St. Cloud. I have been pain free ever since! Very rare but it can happen, especially if gall bladder surgery was done arthroscopic, sometimes they don’t get them all if they are outside in the liver bile duct. Not sure this is your problem but Cat scan and endoscopy did not show those gallstones in me! Only the ERCP did. Hope you feel better soon! Take care, Pam Godfrey


  5. I meant MRCP! It’s like an MRI. That’s what showed the gall stones in the liver bile duct. The ERCP procedure removed them. Pam


  6. WOW Celeste, I’m so sorry to have bothered u with my little inquiry!! You take care of yourself. You don’t need any more problems .. please let us know how your tests turn out and in the meantime we will b praying for you to feel better soon.


  7. Prayers for a quick diagnosis and recovery. It is very scary. I went through a period of experiencing horrible stomach aches for a year or more and endured test after test (including a colonoscopy) as well as a hysterectomy before they finally did the endoscopy and found a bleeding ulcer. I quit taking aspirin (which I was taking way too much of to help with the stomach aches) and never had another stomach ache. I hope your “cure” is that easy.


  8. Prayers that they find your problem soon, Celeste. And more prayers that they fix it fast!! I know too many people right now that are waiting and waiting to find out what’s wrong with them. You seem to have a good attitude about all of it. Keep fighting.


  9. Praying healing for you. So sorry you are having to go through this. Stay strong. This too shall pass.💐💒 Jane Brown


  10. Sending healing intentions your way Celeste and am so sure you will be on your way to incredible healing that it brings a smile. You have an incredible energy that will never be brought down now! So sorry for what you and Al have gone through. Here’s to your health and a celebration of it sooner than later!


  11. Oh no!! I am just now reading this. It’s been 11 days. I hope you aren’t still in the hospital! I hope you are OK. (This is Laura/Paperkite/Hoki )


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