Time for me to fly

“Time for me to fly
And that’s just how it’s got to be
I know it hurts to say goodbye
But it’s time for me to fly”

time for me to fly


As I pulled into the parking lot of Vital Fit Club today, this was the song playing on the radio. I had to Soundhound it and then screenshot my phone because it was just too perfect.

OK, I realize this song is about a relationship and really not exactly fitting, but part of the chorus (posted above) fits for today.

I taught my last group fitness class at Vital Fit Club today. And ironically, two years ago to the day is when I started working at the club.

We never know where life is going to take us, but sometimes, as much as it can hurt, it’s time for us to fly.

I will miss Vital, especially the members. I formed some wonderful friendships the last two years and I couldn’t ask for anymore than that.

last class

Pic: Thanks to everyone who attended my last class – you made my day. And thanks, Wayne, for the treats! (Again.) 

I know Jon, Heather, Kayla and the rest of the crew really don’t need me. They can move forward, move on without me. They were fine before I got there and they are gonna be just fine now that I am gone. (That’s what I have to keep telling myself to make it easier!)

I learned a lot the last two years and for that I am thankful. I won’t forget my time at Vital. I won’t forget the people. There are many that I am going to miss tremendously. The members made every day more enjoyable. They are an incredible group of people.

Technically, I guess, I am not officially done because I still have personal training clients I am working with. But that will soon come to an end. And as much as I will miss all of those who attended my morning classes and my noon classes, and let me tell you, I am going to miss them. But, when working one-on-one with people, you form a different bond. I am so incredibly proud of all of my clients I worked with.

And, I am still looking forward to my early mornings with my summer bootcamp crew. We’re not done yet either.

As to what the future will hold, I know I am not done teaching. I’m guessing I will again. It may be time to fly, but sometimes you have to soar to new heights!


Pic: BREATHE! Anyone who attended my classes knows this is definitely my mantra. 


Pic: Love this quote and it fits so perfectly! 

present from vital

Thank you, Kayla, for making this gift! And thank you to EVERYONE who signed it. I will treasure it always.

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