Say what?

We never really know what is in store for us, do we? We never really know what the future holds.

For nearly the past two years, I have been happily – VERY happily – working at Vital Fit Club in Alexandria. I work the front desk, teach group fitness classes, personal train and apparently am the assistant manager, although to be honest, there wasn’t much for me to manage. There is a very capable manager who didn’t really need any help at all. Honestly, it was an honor just to have that title, although it truly didn’t mean much.

I love the atmosphere there. I love the people – the members, who I work for and who I work with. I love what I do. Yep, even though sometimes, I have to clean the men’s locker rooms. No job is perfect, right? But seriously, I love it.

But sometimes, opportunities come knocking at your door. Even though, you weren’t necessarily looking to invite them in. Nor, were you actively seeking them out. Opportunities can sometimes just show up, uninvited.

Let’s back up just a bit…to February of 2011. February 4th of 2011 to be exact. That was the last day I worked as a reporter for the Echo Press Newspaper. I had worked as a reporter since May of 1999. May 17, 1999 to be exact. Yes, for some reason, I remember my start and end date at the newspaper.

My decision to leave the newspaper was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. Even though I was beginning a new adventure, there was a part of me that always regretted that decision. I loved being a reporter. I truly did. But, an opportunity came a knocking and I took it. Again, I was not actively seeking any other opportunities at the time. An opportunity just showed up and I took it. I left the paper to work as a leader for Weight Watchers. I truly loved working for Weight Watchers. It was a very rewarding job. I didn’t however love all the miles I was logging, especially in the winter. I am definitely not a fan of winter driving.

I worked for Weight Watchers until the end of December in 2014. At that time, I was already working at Vital Fit Club. I actually started working there September 2 of 2014. Again, I was presented with an opportunity and this time, I jumped at it. It was a very roundabout way of how I got the job, but the stars aligned just perfectly and as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. I attended an event that was led by the owner of Vital, Heather Godfrey, whom I had never met before. Heather is an INCREDIBLE person and has done so much for me. I can’t even begin to thank her for helping me along the journey I have taken the past two years.

It has been an unbelievable ride.

Let’s back up to about three weeks ago. My hubby and I were talking about the newspaper, as we regularly do. Oftentimes, when I talk about the Echo Press, I talk about as if I still work there. My hubby is the news editor there so I still have an attachment. Plus, I was a reporter there for TWELVE years. And loved nearly every minute of it. Anyway, I have a connection to the Echo. Well, turns out one of the reporters quit AND most recently, the editor gave her notice. That leaves two holes to fill in the news department.

To make a kind of long story not quite so long, I was asked if I would consider coming back to the paper to help out. I think at first, it was not necessarily serious, but yet it kind of was. At any rate, I ended up talking with the publisher and within a couple of days, I was making changes to my schedule to try and fit in a few hours at the paper. The gym was willing to work with me and let me have the opportunity to work at the paper. Because of a little bit of miscommunication on my part, my hours were reduced a little more than expected at the gym. So now, I guess will be working a little more at the paper than first expected.

For my faithful class attendees, DON’T FRET, I am still teaching all of my classes. In fact, I am adding a couple more (more about that at a later date). And, I will still be keeping my personal training clients. In addition, I will still be working a few hours (about eight and half per week) at the front desk, so I won’t be completely out of the loop. I will still get to see everyone’s smiling faces.

So, now you know. Yes, I am going back to work at the Echo Press as a news reporter. Plus, I will still be working at Vital Fit Club. I’ll be working both jobs…for now.

I am excited, nervous and happy. I think I am going to have the best of both worlds! I guess it is true what they say, you never know what life has in store for you!

echo press

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4 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. Well, it’s about time. You know what I think. I am ready to read about your adventures in the paper again.


  2. As the saying goes” no matter where you go there you are” u are the classic living example. Good luck and enjoy your new life…..


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