I need to say something

Weight Watchers worked for me. It will ALWAYS be THE program I promote. It is what I believe in wholeheartedly. Forever. And. Ever.

With that being said, I am a firm believer in doing what is going to work for YOU. Not for me. Not for your husband. Not for your children. Not for your friends. Not for your family. Not for your coworkers. YOU!

WHY – OH – U. You. Plain and simple.

There are so many programs out there. But you have to decide what is going to work. There is a “new” superfoods nutritional program out there I am sure many of you are aware of. And yes, I am going to say the name. Isagenix. EYE-SA-GEN-X. There, I said it. I hope they don’t come after me for actually using their name on the internet. I am so not a rule follower. Never have been. Never will be. Ever. Period.


I have decided to give this superfoods nutritional program a chance. BUT. And let me be VERY clear on this. I am not selling it. I am not promoting it. I am not shoving it down your throats. I am simply sharing with you that I have decided to see what it is all about. AND, I am NOT doing it for weight-loss purposes. I am happy where I am at (147-149 pounds in case you were wondering). There are other “programs” and products out there from this company that, to be honest, I was not aware of until recently, that can help in other areas of peoples’ lives.

Yes, they have products and systems for weight-loss solutions, but they also have systems/solutions to increase your energy, improve your performance and recovery, as well as combat the aging process through the healthy aging system, among many other products.

My boss is a huge advocate and promoter of this superfoods nutritional program and although I was extremely resistant toward it, I have decided to open my mind and give some of the products a chance. Heather, my amazing, beautiful, strong, genuine, big-hearted, loving, fierce (in a good way) boss, has hosted several Ignite Challenges to help people improve their health and fitness, as well as to lose weight. To be a part of the challenge, you do have to use the superfoods nutritional products.

I have always wanted to be a part of the challenges before, but to be honest, I had no desire to purchase the products because I thought all the products were strictly to lose weight and I didn’t want to lose weight. Yes, I am stubborn and hardheaded. What do you expect, I am half German and half French. Kind of explains it, doesn’t it?

(Side note: That kind of sounded really weird. For the first time in my life I don’t actually want to lose weight. This is not to say I couldn’t a lose few pounds, I am just saying I am actually happy where I am at and have no desire to actually lose weight. Gosh, that really does sound weird.)

Anyway, in talking with another member of the challenge who yes, sells the products as well, I learned there were other solutions in this nutritional program other than those used for weight-loss. I learned that there was actually much more to this superfoods nutritional program than I realized. Maybe, just maybe, if I actually would have taken the time to listen to my boss in the first place, I would have learned that as well. I guess I just didn’t give her the time of the day. My mind was not open. And for that, I apologize.

The other member of the program, who I now consider an extremely good friend, somehow, someway, got me to listen and she got through to my thick head! Thanks, Christa! And I am sorry, Heather. I should have listened.

So, here’s the deal. I am now taking part in Heather’s Ignite Challenge. But, I am not REALLY taking part in Heather’s Ignite Challenge. Why? Well, here’s the deal. There is a really awesome huge prize package that is going to be awarded at the end and to be honest, I really didn’t feel that it was right for me to go after the prize. Why? Well, because 1. I am an employee of Heather’s and 2. I am not doing it for the weight-loss aspect of it, which many of the participants are. I joined the challenge because I wanted to get in on all the healthy recipes being shared, the tips and advice that is being shared and to learn some of Heather’s workouts. (Seriously, people, she is the fitness queen!). And for the inspiration and the motivation. The people in the challenge are simply amazing and I happy to know many of them.

So, just because I am not doing the challenge for weight loss doesn’t mean I don’t care about my health and wellness. I do care. That IS why I am doing it. I want to learn about this so-called new superfoods nutritional program and how it can help boost my energy levels, maximize my workouts and help me to build lean muscle mass. Being a fitness instructor and now personal trainer, my body is being taxed like it has never been taxed before. Okay, I may not be a fitness queen machine like Heather, but there are weeks I am teaching six classes, plus working, plus running, plus living life. It’s taxing and I get tired. I need to have more energy. To be energized and, I want to be the healthiest version of myself I can be.

Don’t get me wrong. There is no way on Earth I am going to give up my cupcakes, beer or wine. Or going out to eat. Or chips and cookies. Or other goodies. I still plan on living life to the fullest. I still eat real food and definitely indulge here and there. It’s all about balance, people. I like balance. But if I can balance a little better, I am surely going to give it a try! And, don’t forget, I am still a HUGE fan, supporter and promoter of Weight Watchers. It is in my blood. That is THE program that helped ME lose my 60 pounds. I will never turn my back on it. Ever.

But I am also learning to open my mind and expand my horizons. Isagenix is now a part of my life, too. At least for now it is.

Here are some of the products I am using:


If you want to know more information, you can contact either Heather or Christa. They are the ones who can help you. You can message either of them through their Facebook pages. You can find Heather’s HERE and you can find Christa’s HERE.

2 thoughts on “I need to say something

  1. Hi Celeste,
    I too am wondering what your thoughts are on the Isagenix—hoping you can give some honest feedback after using the products for a month or so.



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