November in a nutshell!

Whoa, where does time go? Seriously. How is it December 2 already? Time needs to SLOW DOWN!

So, being that I haven’t blogged for a month. Yep. A whole month. Shame. On. Me! Here’s a TOP TEN list about November and one thing about October. And of course, that thing is a race! Keep in mind, these are in no particular order. Are you ready? Here we go:

1. My hubby and I ran the Monster Dash 10-mile race on October 31 and I actually ran the whole thing. Why is this a big deal? Because, I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and also some knee problems. I sent my hubby a text message once I reached mile 8 and told him I was still running and that I would actually finish. It. Felt. SO. Good!

us after the monster dash

2. I was once again accepted as an ambassador for NUUN! YAY! I love Nuun hydration tabs…they are my favorite. Not a strong flavor, but just enough and not stupidly sweet or fake tasting. Thanks, Nuun!


3. Oh, remember awhile back when I was so disappointed because I failed my test for my personal trainer certification. Well, guess what? Yep, I took the class again and…..

pt grouppt training

(These were the people in my class. The guy standing off to the right was our teacher, Jimmie Johnson.)

pt cert

YEP, I PASSED! Woohoo! I was beyond excited about this. I even did a little jig when I saw that I passed this time and there might have been a couple of extremely happy tears and maybe a shriek or two! Yes, I was THAT excited. I will admit I barely passed, but the main thing is, I PASSED! So, if anyone is looking to hire me as their personal trainer, call Vital Fit Club and schedule an appointment – (320) 762-0442. I would love to train with you. I can do one-on-one sessions or even small group sessions.

4. My hubby and I ran the Chocoholic Frolic 10K on his birthday, November 8. By the way, he turned 55! It was a good race, although I did have to walk a little to catch my breath and use my inhaler. It was still a great race and the weather was perfect!

chocoholic frolicbirthday cake

5. I had an appointment with the pulmonologist (special asthma doctor) and now I get to go have a lung functionality test done. That appointment is set for December 9. I have a new daily inhaler I am using and so far, so good. I am excited for the lung test. Should be interesting.

6. We also ran in the local YMCA Turkey Day 5K on Thanksgiving. It was a good race and I didn’t have to use my inhaler! YAY! The weather was MUCH better than last year. It was still cold, but not the 20-degrees-below-zero-bone-chilling-freeze-your-eyeballs cold like last year.

turkey trot

7. We actually got our Christmas tree up and our stockings hung before December 1! This is huge for us because typically – I probably shouldn’t admit this – we wait until the very end to put up our tree. I know we have put it up on December 23 before! And honestly, there was even one year where we did’t put anything up! I know, call me Scrooge!


In case you are wondering why I have A, B and C stockings, they stand for Al (my hubby), Brandon (my son) and Celeste (me!). I found them at Target last year and couldn’t resist. I love them!

8. I got to go on a local radio program called Openline and share my story about smoking and how I quit. It was pretty cool. Not sure if the link will still work, but you can surely try. Click HERE to listen.


These are the two radio announcers, Patty and Dennis. They have both been on the radio for numerous years and do a fabulous job! Thanks, Patty and Dennis, for having me on. It was fun!

9. I don’t do Black Friday shopping or nowadays, I guess it’s Black THURSDAY shopping. I will keep my opinions to myself about shopping on Thanksgiving. Anyway, the hubster and I did do a little shopping Friday night. And believe it or not, we still got some good deals, like the movies we bought OURSELVES! Yes, we shopped for us. And yes, we are pathetic! We ended up finding the first three movies in the Hunger Games series – yes, the fourth is in the theaters right now! YAY! Anyway, we got all three movies for a measly $17! Yep, SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. To us, that was a steal! We also bought the movie, Princess Bride, for $4 and we bought seasons three and four of the hit-television show, Castle. We have season one and two and six. Now, we just need seasons five and seven! We didn’t get that good of deal on the Castle DVDs, but we really wanted them and really, they were only $17 a piece. Not bad, I guess!

hunger games

Yes, I am going to sit down on a Sunday and watch all three of these – IN A ROW! Don’t judge!

10. Food. Food. Food. AND LOTS more food. We have eaten some really good meals lately – some at home, some at restaurants. Here are just a few:

burger and pickles

Burger and deep fried pickles at Burgers and Bottles in Eagan. YUM!

meal onemeal twokitchen

Ground chicken nachos with homemade guacamole and salsa in our hotel room when we were in the Twin Cities for Al’s birthday and the Chocoholic Frolic race. And the pasta we made in our hotel room. Both meals were delicious. We did have a full kitchen in our hotel room. We stayed at Sonesta ES (extended stay) in Eagan. It was a beautiful hotel room.

pasty and pear

That same weekend, we actually took in a little picnic with food from a food truck, Potters Pasties. We had the chicken pasty and some kind of pear dessert with it that was amazing. We actually got one of each – the pasty and the pear – and just split it for lunch. It was so good!

three meat meal 2

Recently, we did a three-meat meal. We love this dried cherry zinfandel sauce that Al makes and we wanted to see which meat it paired better with – pork (tenderloin), duck or beef (top sirloin). The original recipe was with duck, but we thought we’d try it with pork and beef. I actually ended up liking it with the pork best! Our side dish was quinoa with cucumbers, tomatoes, smoked string cheese, black olives, sweet onions and Italian dressing. Now that was good! YUMMY!

And I would have shown you pictures of our delicious Thanksgiving meal, but believe it or not, I did not take one single picture during our Thanksgiving gathering. I get a lot of grief for taking pictures at holidays – whether it’s of the food or the people. So, this year, I decided not to take any pictures. I have to say, I regret it. I am sad that I didn’t take any pictures. I will ALWAYS take pictures from now on and I guess my family can just deal with it! Sorry, guys. I need pictures. They are my memories and I love looking back at them each year.

10. Recently, my hubby and I did some planning for our races for the 2016 season. We decided that we would run 20 races. And for the most part, we have them all planned out. But, we could change our minds!

races for 2016

11. And lastly, we did some planning this past weekend. We got our itinerary all ready for our upcoming trip to San Antonio, Texas. We leave Thursday morning and I can’t wait! More on that later.


So, there you have it. My November and last day of October all summed up in a list. Of course, there was more that happened, but these were the pretty exciting ones. Here’s to the last month of 2015! Hope it is as fabulous as the previous 11 months.

Oh, I do have one more pic for you all. I just couldn’t resist leaving you with this picture of my mom and dad and me. I love this photo!


Seriously, are they not the cutest parents ever? Love you both VERY MUCH!

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