I royally screwed up!

I screwed up – royally.

Before I explain, I want to apologize to my nephew, Andy, and his wife, Jaclyn, for missing out on their wedding this past Saturday. Wished we could have been there. Looked like you had a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for the two of you! Congratulations.

So, now, let me tell you how I screwed up.

For the past five years, I have booked and planned all of our races… with my hubby’s help, of course. But truly, I am the keeper of dates, tracker of times, places, hotels, etc. I keep a list on the computer and a paper copy list. I have them all listed on my computer and phone calendars and I have them on two separate paper calendars – one at home and one in my purse. I may not be organized with anything else in my life, but I certainly have our races organized.

And, I have never screwed up a date, time or place for a race…

Until last weekend.

Yep, I screwed it up – completely, utterly, royally, big time!

So, last weekend – Saturday and Sunday, September 19-20 – Al and I were supposed to be in Sioux Falls for a training I had. Key word, supposed to be. But, we weren’t. We ended up in the Twin Cities. Why? Because apparently, a race I had on every calendar and list as scheduled for Saturday, September 26 was ACTUALLY on Saturday, September 19. Yep. That’s right. I had two things planned for the exact same weekend. Well, technically, there were three things planned for the exact same weekend.

  1. Training in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  2. The Stillwater 10-mile Log Run.
  3. My nephew’s wedding in the St. Cloud area.

So, when did I – or shall I say, Al – figure out I screwed up? On Thursday, a day before we were supposed to leave. Let’s just say that Thursday evening, there was a bit of a scramble going on. Numerous phone calls were made and hotels were canceled, rebooked, as well as my training was rebooked. (Now, that is scheduled for November. A weekend when there is NO races on any schedule.)

After everything was said and done, we were only out about $25 bucks. Not bad. And, we were going to get to do everything! Race, wedding reception AND my training was still going to happen – just at a later date.

I was kind of excited because none of my family knew we were going to make it to the wedding – well, the wedding reception, that is. We were going to surprise them. I was super stoked about that and looking forward to cutting a rug with my sister, brothers, nephews, nieces and any other family members out on the dance floor. My family knows how to have a good time at weddings!

Saturday morning, Al and I ran the race. It was awesome! We were bussed out of Stillwater and then ran back into town, 10 miles. Al did super well – he got 3rd in his age group out of 19 runners and was 65th overall out of nearly 350 runners. I did okay. I was happy with my time and how I ran. It wasn’t my best race ever, but it was my best 10-mile time. Al finished in 1:24:46 and I finished in 1:48:49. Considering I haven’t ran more than 6.2 miles since probably May and I hadn’t ran since the Saturday before the race, I was seriously happy with my time. And the best part, I felt good the whole time! It was a gorgeous race!

I should mention that I have wanted to do this race for the past three years but it hasn’t worked in our schedule. I was so excited this year that we were able to fit it in our schedule and even more excited because it was on my birthday weekend or so I thought! Remember, I thought the race was on September 26 and my birthday is September 30.

Here are some pics from the race:

al stillwater raceceleste stillwater race

after the stillwater log runafter race beerme running stillwater

So, after the race, I started not feeling very well. I am guessing it was because I was sleep deprived and maybe because I drank my post-race beer! Well, actually, it probably wasn’t the beer. I am guessing it is because of the stress of trying to get the weekend all straightened out. Seriously, it was SO STRESSFUL. I am not saying I don’t ever screw up because let me tell you, I screw up. But not when it comes to races. I was so mad that I screwed up the dates and as selfish as it sounds, I was not going to miss out on this race. It had been on my radar for three years. I wanted to do this race and I was going to do it. Yes, maybe that is selfish. But it was supposed to be a win-win-win for everyone. And it would have been. Except……………

A damned-able MIGRAINE headache! I think I was being punished. Maybe. Oh, who knows. But it struck and I was pissed. I laid down after we got back, took some migraine pills and hoped for the best. Around 8 p.m., when I knew the wedding reception was out of the question, I sent a text to my niece, it was her brother getting married, and let her know what the scoop was. I said we were in the cites and that we had plans to surprise everyone and go to the reception but that I was going back to bed instead. I was so sad. Which didn’t help the headache any.

So, we ended up still missing out on the wedding. And so again, I apologize to Andy and Jaclyn. But here’s a picture I stole from Facebook of them dancing at the reception. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

jackie and andy

Congratulations again. I hope your mini-moon in Duluth was fun!


In other news:

It is my son’s GOLDEN birthday today. He turns 22 on September 22. Happiest of birthdays to you, my dear Brandon! Love you SO MUCH!

brandon balloonsbrandon cake

We had supper with Brandon last night at a restaurant he works at in Breckenridge (he’s going to college in Wahpeton, ND). The restaurant, The Wilkin Drink & Eatery, was pretty good!


And, if you have ever wanted to do one of those painting classes, here’s a chance to sweat, sip and paint! Check it out and sign up!

sweat sip and paint


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