Here’s what NOT to do…

Today, Sunday, May 24 my hubby and I ran in our very first Awake the Grapes 10K at our local winery, Carlos Creek Winery. We didn’t think we would be running a race this weekend because I had to work on Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon. and most racing events take place on Saturdays. But, because of the Memorial Day holiday, the Awake the Grapes event was held on Sunday. I was so happy! If you haven’t figured it out yet, my hubby and I love racing! In fact, during the month of May, we’ll have participated in six different races! Yes, we are addicted. But hey, I can think of worse hobbies.

First off, I have to thank a friend of mine, Chris S., for being my “rabbit” today. Even though I never caught Chris, I ran after her nearly the entire way. I loved it. She was in my sight nearly the entire time. I love having a rabbit and I was even happier it was Chris! She did SO awesome. Chris was behind me at the start, although really, she was right at my heels, so not entirely behind me. We ran together for a short while, chit-chatting while we were running, and then she took off. Dang, she really sped up. I tried to keep up as best I could, but she was just too fast to catch. (Way to go, Chris!) I nearly caught her on the hills, but then, she would speed up again. So proud of you, Chris!

I finished in 1:05:15 and Chris finished in 1:03:30. Oh so close! My hubby killed this race finishing in 52:13. Seriously, he did SO awesome. Proud of him. Here’s the two of us at the finish, after I took a little time to recover. It really was a struggle for me today.

us at awake the grapes


So, why was the race such a struggle? I’m guessing there were a few factors. Let’s see, the terrain consisted of grass, gravel and tar and took us through the actual vineyard (the grass and gravel) on a county road (tar), on another county road (gravel – loose gravel) and then back into the vineyard (gravel). Oh, did I mention there were plenty of hills. And wind was a slight factor. Although, I have definitely ran in windier conditions. The temp was actually decent and it was cloudy, which I prefer! It was a interesting race and although I ran a little slow today, it was still fun. There were a total of 75 10K runners! I finished 66th overall and my hubby finished 27th overall! There were some damn fast runners!

Here is the map and the elevation from today’s race. Looking at the elevation, it doesn’t seem that hilly, but trust me…it was!

sun map course

elevation sun run

Another reason why I think today was tough is where the “Here’s what NOT to do” comes in.

On Friday morning (at 5:45 a.m.), I met two of my friends at City Park in Alexandria so that I could practice my beginner bootcamp class on them. (Thanks Linda and Natalie!). Side note, my class is full and I am now putting people on a waiting list, how cool is that. And here I was worried about getting the 10 people I needed to even get the class started. Anyway, we had so much fun at the park and both of them gave me some great feedback. And the best part, I think they were both sweating when they were done!

mats and ipad

Then, on Friday, my hubby and I decided to go on a “little” bike ride. By little, I mean 24 miles. We rode our bikes from our house to the town of Brandon. Isn’t that cool, we live close to a town named Brandon. And my son’s name is Brandon! I didn’t even know the town existed when he was born. It was such a gorgeous day and we were having so much fun on our bike ride that we ended up doing 24 miles. We really didn’t intend to ride that far, but it just happened!


brandon water tower

balance rock

How cool are these rocks we saw on our bike ride!

On Saturday, after I worked from 7 a.m. until noon-ish, I went home, ate some lunch, did some work on my computer and then, decided I should go for a “little” run. By little, I mean eight and a half miles. Yep, 8.5 miles. I ran from Curt Felt Memorial Park in Alexandria to my husband’s family’s lake place on Lake Ida. The reason why I ran from the park instead of our house is because my husband had driven to the lake earlier (they were putting the dock in) and mapped the route and found out it was nearly 11 miles. That would have been a little TOO far. So I did just the 8.5 instead.

Here’s the map of my route and the elevation (it seemed WAY hillier than what it actually looks like on the elevation map!):

sat map route

elevation sat run


Oh, did I forget to mention that I actually hadn’t ran since last Saturday, when we ran in the Old Glory 5K Run. The week got away from me, plus, I was working on my bootcamp class, so at least I was getting some exercise!

So, in my humble opinion, it’s probably not the best idea to skip running six days in a row, then bike 24 miles two days before a race and run 8.5 miles the day before a race. Nope, that definitely gets filed under the category of what NOT to do…in my eyes anyway. Thank goodness for Icy Hot!

On a happier note, check out what I got in the mail on Saturday:

rrca coach

Stay tuned for more on this!

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