Proud of my son

I have a good kid. No, really, I do. Yes, I get after him – A LOT – about different things (doing his laundry, keeping the downstairs picked up, cleaning his bathroom, how he spends his money, what he eats, how he spends too much time playing video games, etc.). And yes, we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but that’s a normal parent/child relationship.

I may not always tell him how proud of him I am, but I truly am. And for a variety of reasons. Lately, however, it’s been his drive and motivation when it comes to working out. I hope he doesn’t mind, but I kind of stole a couple things off his Facebook page. First, an entry from February 4. Pay attention to what time it was posted.

feeling pumped

Yes, it was posted at 6:30 A.M. – SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING! What 21-year-old kid (okay, young adult) goes to the gym and works out at 6:30 a.m. Mine does and I proud of him for that!

Here’s one from February 11. Again, check out what time he posted it.

weights and herbalife

This time, it was 7 o’clock in the friggin’ morning! Seriously, who does that? My son does and I am so proud of him for that.

And yet one more:

tell me i cant

This was posted this morning (February 26), so it doesn’t have the date and time on it. But because I was working at the gym when he came in, I can tell you what time it was – he was there by 6 a.m. SIX O’CLOCK…A.M. not P.M. I can tell you this, I don’t see other 21-year-old guys hitting the gym at that time of the morning.

By the way, I love his post this morning – LOVE IT! Seriously, so proud. I am beaming with pride, I tell you!

And I will tell you another thing, he may not always go to the gym that early in the morning, he goes when it fits into his schedule. Our gym, Vital Fit Club, has 24-hour access and there have been times where he has been working out at midnight because that’s what works. He doesn’t use the overused excuse of, “I don’t have time.” My son MAKES TIME. And for that, I am proud.

For awhile now, I have been asking him to join me for a fitness class, particularly Zumba. Well, it hasn’t worked in his schedule because of his job. BUT, the other evening after he got home from work, he asked if I was going to class and I told him I was and that it was bootcamp. He said, “Do you want me to come with you?”

No way in H, E, double hockey sticks was I going to turn that down so I replied with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” And so he quickly changed clothes and off we went to bootcamp class!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was to have him come along with me and how much fun we had in class. Don’t get me wrong, we worked hard. We were both sweating big time AND, we both ended up using our inhalers. Yes, that’s how hard we worked! But it was still SO MUCH FUN! And again, I was beaming with pride to have my son – my 21-year-old son – accompany me to bootcamp class.

After we were done, we talked with the instructor, Therese, who Brandon knows because she is a teacher at the elementary school he went to. He actually didn’t have her as a teacher, but still knows who she is. Side note: She was also excited to see Brandon come to class. Anyway, we asked Therese to take some pictures after class – just for fun. Here are a couple of them!

sitting on the balls

sitting and standing


After Therese took a couple of photos, she left and Brandon and I stayed around and “worked out” with the TRX suspension trainer. Okay, really, we just kind of played around and I “tried” to use the TRX suspension trainer. Can you say epic fail? Brandon could actually do it and I could “kind of” do some things on it, but I am definitely not very good. But it didn’t matter, it was fun and we had some laughs thats for sure! The picture below is Brandon after he kind of slipped and spun around on the ground. Too hard to explain in words, but his face says it all. It was hilarious!



Before we left, we had to take one more “selfie” style pic because Brandon wanted to show off his muscles, er…his GUNS! Yes, he is pretty ripped! Again, I have to say it…I am proud of him! He works hard and it definitely has paid off.

funny face


Check out this picture of him at the gym from awhile ago that he took (yes, another photo I stole from his Facebook page!):

brandon at the gym

I just love that picture!

Anyway, when we were done at the gym, Brandon left just a tish before me because I stopped to talk to my hubby, who was on the treadmill running while we were in bootcamp class. Yes, it was a family affair at the gym, as it is many nights and I wouldn’t change that for nothing. I love it!

Anyway, Al and I left Vital FIt Club at about the same time and pulled in the garage within seconds of each other. We walked into the house at the same time and as we opened the door, this is what we found:

on the floor

Apparently, bootcamp class wiped him out! Haha. He heard us open the garage door and quickly got on the floor like this as a joke! He has really just got done eating his supper, which I have to say…I was proud of. Check out what he had to eat:

brandons supper

Yes, he had tuna over spinach with some cottage cheese on the side. WHAT?!?! When did my kid starting eating tuna, cottage cheese or spinach? I love it. I friggin’ love it. His tastes have changed so much over the last couple of years. He is so willing now to try new foods. And for that, yep you guessed it, I. AM. PROUD.

Thanks, Brandon, again for coming to class with me. You sure now how to make your momma happy! And keep up the great work. It’s paying off!

7 thoughts on “Proud of my son

  1. I love this! Our kids can be such an inspiration. My 22 year old daughter inspires me to exercise..and she’s just like your son–she gets to the gym when her schedule allows it–be it 6:00 a.m, noon, or evening.

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  2. This is awesome! I love that it’s a family affair for you guys. I’m hoping I’ll be there one day! I’ve never in my life worked out with any one but friends, but for the last three months my boyfriend and I have been consistently working out together and I love that we do it. This post is such an inspiration to keep going!

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