How did THAT happen?

By now I am sure you are well aware of what happened to me on Wednesday, January 14. I was on the cover of a magazine. A running magazine. An online only, digital magazine. Me. Little ol’ me who’s nothing special. Just a regular gal who lives in small-town America who loves running, fitness, eating, wine, Weight Watchers, shopping, beer and…social media.

Yes, to say I love social media is an understatement. I am a Facebook fanatic (click HERE or HERE), I dabble a little here and there with Twitter, I’ve been on Pinterest a few times (not nearly enough!), I’ve been a part of the blogging scene since 2009 and I am definitely a devotee of Instagram. I can hashtag the crap out of a photo!

And that’s how it happened. Hashtagging. On Instagram.

ig pic of frozen me

This is a screenshot from Instagram off my computer. On November 30, I Instagrammed this picture of me that was taken by Heidi Hasapopoulos. It was after my hubby and I ran the local YMCA Turkey Day 5K. Heidi was gracious enough to volunteer her time and her talents that day and captured some great photos of runners – frozen runners!. In fact, some of her pics even made it into the local paper, the Echo Press. Heidi isn’t a full-time photographer. She dabbles with it on the side. But I think she should maybe think about doing it professionally. Her action photos are amazing!

Anyway, Miss Hashtag Queen (that would be me!), sometimes gets carried away with tagging photos. Just a note, in the photo above, you can’t see ALL the tags I used. And not only do I hashtag the photos, I also “direct” them at people and businesses by using the @ symbol. I follow a lot of running “stuff” on Instagram, including some magazines such as Marathon Running, Women’s Running and Runner’s World. Whenever I have a photo that is running related, I always direct it at those magazines and even tag them in the photos. Why? To be honest, now that I actually sit here and think about, I am not sure. I’ve seen other Instagrammers who run that do it, so I guess I just started to do it.

And that’s how it happened. @marathonrunningmag.

I hashtagged #marathonrunningmag. I tagged @marathonrunningmag. And then…I got a response.

If you can’t read it in the photo above, the exchange went something like this:

marathonrunningmag: This photo is great! Do you want to email this and anything else similar for consideration for the cover of the mag. (And then the person writing it gave me her email address.)

celbeam: @marathonrunningmag I would love to! I will check with the photographer tomorrow! I will send you a couple.

heidihasa: Absolutely you can use the photo! So fun capturing the shots that day!

And then, the rest is kind of history.

I emailed Louise several photos, including the one pictured above. She got them, thanked me for them. Then she asked if I would include some information, such as where I was from, where the photo was taken, a bit about my myself and my running career and anything else I thought would be interesting or relevant.

Being a former reporter, I thought I would save her some steps and actually just write the story for her. So, that is what I did. And then I sent it to her.

On January 14, at 4:15 p.m., I received another email from Louise. It said, “I just wanted to let you know that we have published your cover and article in Marathon Running. I hope you like how it came together…It’s one of my favourite covers! Feel free to share it through your social networks.”

Little did Louise know that I saw the cover on Marathon Running’s Instagram account long before she emailed me. By the time I got the email, the photo was already posted on both my Facebook accounts and was in the process of being posted everywhere else.

To say I was excited and giddy like a little kid at Christmas is an understatement. I was not excited because I think I am all that, I was/am excited because running is something I never imagined in my life ever doing. At more than 200-pounds at one time in my life, running was NOT on my radar. Running was for athletes. Fit people. Not me. I couldn’t run a block to save my soul.

And then, to lose the weight, become a runner and THEN be feature in and on a running magazine. Come on! How does that even happen? It’s still crazy to even think about. It blows me away. Me. On the cover of a running magazine. I’m not an elite runner. I’ve never won a race. I run. Period. I race. Period. But I not good. I am just your average runner who loves to run and loves to race. I am nothing special. I am not Kara Goucher or Carrie Tollefson. Or anything other Olympic runner or anything. I am me. Celeste Edenloff. Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Vital Fit Club employee. Motivator. Food, wine and beer lover. Weight Watcher. Exerciser. Shopper. Runner. And I guess I can now add one more to the list:

Magazine. Cover. Model.

cover of magazine

Here’s the inside story:

our page



Android app:

Apple app:

Marathon Guru website:

Marathon Running magazine website:

If you want to download a pdf version of the January issue of Marathon Running magazine, click HERE.

After doing a little digging, I think I figured out that the magazine is based out of Australia. Yes, Australia! Now that’s cool!

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