Randomness…in photos

I was cleaning my purse out earlier today and thought about the randomness of its contents. It got me thinking about the random photos on my iPhone. I decided to download them and post some of them here. Yes, some of them you may have seen – either on my Instagram page or my Facebook page.  Some of them you haven’t as they are just random photos of my life. So, without further ado, here’s some randomness for you on a sunny Sunday afternoon in December!

The contents of my purse (don’t ask)! 

Contents include: Gaiam yoga gloves, WW notebook, new 2015 planner, gum, Yogi tea, Smuckers apple cinnamon jelly, hotel lotion, pens, sea salt caramel GU, orange Nuun, hand and nail lotion, wallet, cough drops, three pieces of unwrapped gum, bunch of receipts and other papers, a Mary Kay compact mirror, random key, WW snowflake charm, teardrop keychain charm and WW name tag. Yep, that’s what I call random.




Eating lutefisk (okay, it’s ONE bite, but it still counts!) on Christmas Eve with my sister-in-law, Vicki. We started this tradition the first Christmas after my in-laws passed away, in 2009. My father-in-law, Vic, died October 18 and my mother-in-law, Lynn, died November 9. Yes, they died 18 days apart. It was heartbreaking. We do this tradition for them!

lutefisk 1lutefisk 3

lutefisk 2lutefisk 4



My son and I. Nothing special. I just liked this photo!

brandon and me



Four of my favorite ornaments on the tree! Yes, all made by my son, Brandon, when he was younger! I will always treasure these.

ornaments 1



This is our Christmas tree, which we finally put up the Sunday before Christmas and our fireplace. Yes, our TV fireplace! Love it.

merry christmas


Gifts from my honey! 

Two of my favorite presents from my husband included a running outfit from JCP (It’s my favorite brand ever…Xersion!) and some beer. Yes, I said beer. So here’s the story: A friend of mine, Lisa, told me about this beer, Buffalo Sweat. Once she found out that I started liking dark beer (yes, me. I like dark beer!), she said I HAD TO try Buffalo Sweat because it was SO GOOD. So, for the past couple of months, every time my husband and I are out and about, whether at a bar/restaurant or at a liquor store, we look for Buffalo Sweat. We never found it. Well, my husband – being the best husband ever – went online and found the website and found out the closest place to buy Buffalo Sweat was in Melrose, MN. So, on Tuesday, he took an extended lunch and drove to Melrose, a town about 40 minutes from where we live, and bought me some Buffalo Sweat beer, in two varieties – oatmeal cream stout and vanilla bean, which is a oatmeal cream stout brewed with vanilla beans. Ummmmmm, yep, this beer is GOOD! So GOOD! Creamy, smooth, not bitter, just pure yumminess in a frosty mug!

new running outfit

beer present


Then and now!

The other day, we were looking through some stuff on my husband’s dresser and came across a keychain with my picture on it. I am guessing it’s from our first Christmas in our house (2006) or the second Christmas (2007). I guess you can say I have changed. Just a little. I took a picture of me on Christmas Eve with my somewhat straightened hair because I had to send a pic to a couple of people that wanted to see my hair not in its natural curliness/wildness state. I actually took time to do it in other words. It makes for a great comparison to the photo on the keychain!

me fat face short hairme black and white


Gingerbread house!

The other day my husband and I were in Aldi’s, a relatively new grocery store that recently opened. We saw a kit to make a gingerbread house and since neither of us have ever made one, we decided to spend the whopping $3.99 and buy one. Here’s how it turned out:

gingerbread house



After completely stuffing myself silly yesterday (Saturday, December 27) at my family’s Christmas gathering, it was so nice to have such  a beautiful fruit basket to nibble on today. We got the awesome fruit basket from my parents for Christmas. Such a thoughtful gift. Too bad I opted to finish off the beer cheese dip my husband made for the party, along with a bunch of other leftover crap instead of eating the fruit. Guess I’ll be back to making smarter, healthier choices tomorrow! Thank goodness!



(Yum, doesn’t this look amazing!)



Even though I completely pigged out yesterday, I did get a run in. And if I would have had more time, I probably would have ran a 10K instead of a 5K. But at least I ran and it was a great run…1. Because my time was actually half decent. 2. I had negative splits every mile. 3. THE SUN WAS OUT!

sunshine run

splits and weather

3 thoughts on “Randomness…in photos

  1. Love the lutefisk pics! I really don’t like it, either, but I was super sad to miss our Christmas Eve tradition this year. And, 2006 feels like yesterday… I remember your short hair so well! 🙂


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