I did it!

100 miles sign

(Graphic: Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl)

Well, I did it. I hit my 100-miles in a month goal! Truthfully, I didn’t think I was going to do it. But I did. And I am so proud!

And, nothing like waiting until the last minute…or the last day! I just got back from Vital Fit Club about 30 minutes ago. I had 3 miles left to run to make it to my goal and I waited until the last day to do it. And, I ended up doing 3.1!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out my post from the beginning of November to see what this goal thing was all about! Click here to read it.

So, here’s a look at my November 100-miles calendar. I kept in on my fridge as a reminder of sorts, but also to help keep track and journal my miles. Yes, I did it with paper and pen even though I keep track of my miles on my Garmin, as well. If you add it all up, you actually get 100.1 miles! YEAH! Seriously, I am so excited by this, I can’t even tell you. I am not sure why to be honest, but it just makes me feel like I really accomplished something!

100 miles


(Photo credit: Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl)

For those of you who accepted the challenge, please email me your mileage for November and I will put all your names into a random drawing. When you email me, please include your mailing address so I can mail out your prize! You can email me at celbeam@gmail.com. That is celbeam at gmail dot com!

After I was done tonight, I took this picture to show how happy I was!

me after 100 miles

(Photo credit: Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl)



If you follow me on Facebook, which you can do here and here, you know that on Thanksgiving, my hubby and I ran in our local YMCA’s 5K Turkey Trot. An awesome volunteer photographer named Heidi took some amazing shots of how cold it was. Here are three I just have to share:

frozen al

(Photo credit: Heidi Hasapopoulos)

This is my hubby coming down the home stretch. I just love the frost on his legs!

frozen cel

(Photo credit: Heidi Hasapopoulos)

Here’s me coming down the home stretch. Look at that concentration!

frozen cel 2

(Photo credit: Heidi Hasapopoulos)

As I was getting close to the finish line, I saw Heidi taking pictures, so I thought I might as well give her a big smile. I may have been frozen, but I was still having fun!

us after the ymca race

Here we are after the race. A little thawed out! Check out the guy behind us…I loved his pumpkin pie hat, but I can bet his ears were just a tad cold!

After we got done with the race, we had to head home right away and get ready for our guests who were coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a much smaller group this year, but we still had lots of fun. In all, there were nine of us – myself, my hubby, my son, my son’s dad (yes, my ex-husband), my husband’s brother and wife and their two kids and my husband’s sister.

I have to share some pics from Thanksgiving Day. (I hope Rod, Brandon’s dad, doesn’t mind that I am sharing the one of him and Brandon!)

brandon and rod

(Photo credit: Brandon Beliveau)

I think this is a great picture of my son and his dad. I guess you can definitely tell they are related, huh? Great picture!

And of course, Brandon took a picture with us, too! I love this picture of the three of us, but I should have maybe stood on my tippy toes! Sheesh I am kind of short, huh? Brandon and I kind of look alike, but he definitely takes after his dad a lot more!

me and my boys

(Photo credit: Brandon Beliveau)

So, speaking of Thanksgiving, I have to share a picture of the beautiful turkey my husband made. And let me tell you, it was SOOOOO delicious! Isn’t this a beautiful looking bird?


(Photo credit: Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl)

Well, that’s about all I have for now. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll let you in on my December goals… as well as share with you the emotional week I experienced this past week!

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