Instead of glaring at me…

I think I forgot how to run in the winter – the snow, ice, biting wind, slush, narrower streets, the motorists and of course, the bitterly cold temps.

Yesterday, I decided that I just had to get outside and run. It had been several days. I’ve been running on the dreaded treadmill, hence it’s new name, the DREADMILL! But, I just don’t like it. Although I will admit, the last time, which was on Tuesday, it wasn’t so bad. Maybe it’s because my attitude has changed. Maybe. I actually had a really good run and each mile, I had negative splits. I was pretty excited about it.

dreadmill run

Now, compare this with my run outside and the splits just don’t quite look the same. Nor does my average pace and overall pace. Just slightly different!

snowy run

Just a little different! Sheesh!.

So, when running outside in the snow, it’s not really running, it’s more like shuffling and scooting around. Also, it’s kind of like running a small-scale obstacle course because you have to dodge snow piles, puddles, icy patches and slushy spots. It’s a whole different kind of running. And let me tell you, my legs feel it this morning.

During yesterday’s run, I ended up running in town because I was trying to stay out of the wind, and the houses and businesses worked great for blocking that bone-chilling breeze. And, I tried to run on the sidewalks as much as I could, but apparently, some people don’t know what a shovel is. I wanted to stay off the streets as much as possible because there was some traffic and with all the snow on the ground, the streets just seem to be a nit narrower.

I have a great big favor to ask of all the motorists…Instead of glaring at me because I am running on “your” roads, maybe smile and wave and cut me a little slack because I am out there, running, trying to better myself, and braving the elements. Instead of looking at me like I am some creature from another planet, maybe nod or give me a thumbs up because I am trying my best, trying to SHARE the road with you as best as I can. I stay over as far as I can and give you as much room as possible because yep, you are bigger than me and can cause a lot more damage. I get that. But seriously, can’t we just SHARE the road? Please? That isn’t too much to ask is it. Oh, one more thing, THANK YOU to all of you who slowed down and moved over when you could. YOU are appreciated beyond words.

By the way, here’s the stats I got from GarminConnect after I uploaded my Garmin Forerunner 220 to the computer. This shows what the temperature, real feel temp and wind was from my run yesterday:



Not too bad I guess, for MinnSNOWta!

Because I didn’t plan my route very well yesterday, I ended up still in town and no where near my house when I wanted to end my run, so I ended up stopping in Vital Fit Club, the fitness center I started working at back in September. I thought I would go in there and warm up and hopefully have my son pick me up, which he did end up doing. Luckily, he had just got off work and said it was no problem to pick up his mom! Thanks, Brandon, you’re the best!

While I was at Vital Fit Club, I ended up warming up in the fitness studio because it was being warmed up for hot yoga, which was going to take place that evening. It was AMAZING! The heaters were cranked up and the doors were shut and it felt so great to be someplace warm. I took some pics, but it was nice and dark in there, so they didn’t turn out very well, but here they are anyway!

studio 1 studio 2 studio 3

4 thoughts on “Instead of glaring at me…

  1. That’s so cold! Do you have any problems with your lungs hurting after you run in the cold? My lungs always hurt after a cold weather run so I end up just using the treadmill. By February I’m usually hardly running at all (doing Crossfit, Spin or other things instead) because I hate the treadmill so much.


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