And the pics are in…

As most of you know, I am kind of a picture-aholic. To say I love photos is truly an understatement. I am gonna guess I follow at least 20, if not more, photographers on Facebook and on Instagram. And as my Facebook friends know, I also POST tons of photos as well. I love ALL kinds photos – nature, people, clouds, sports, sunsets, everything. I just love photos. Crisp. Clean. Clear. Colorful. Good photos. Great photos.

AND….now that I’ve lost weight – for those of you who might be new to my blog, I’ve lost 60 pounds and have now maintained that loss for almost five years – I don’t even mind a photo or two of myself. BUT…I am extremely critical of ALL photos of myself. Too critical. Or at least that’s what I am guessing my family and friends would say…especially my husband. I pick apart nearly every photo that is taken of me.

“My hair looks weird.”

“My eye(s) is/are closed a little.”

“I have a funny smile.”

My shirt is twisted.”

“My pants look saggy.”

“My arms look fat.”

“My legs look fat.”

“My body looks gross.”

YES! That is what I sound like. I’m sure. AND YES, I know I should STOP saying those things. I think because of how I used to look – and not that it was THAT bad – but I now kind of expect perfection. And really, why? God knows I am not perfect. I shout that from the rooftops on a regular basis. I know I am not perfect, so why do I expect my photos to be?

Well, we finally got around to ordering our professional photos from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half-Marathon, which were taken by MarathonFoto. Like I said earlier, I love photos and so, I’m sucker for ordering photos from our races. Although, we have only ordered photos from the three Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathons we’ve done. Not sure why, I guess, it just has worked out that way. We have photos from the other races, but not all races have professional photographers.

Anyway, I was going to post only the “good” photos of myself, but I decided to share a couple of the not-so-good photos as well!

So, here goes…the not so good (Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with what I don’t like about these photos):

17 gross legs

18 gross legs


And the good – or at least BETTER – photos that I actually kind of like and am proud of!

8 finish line

14 finish line

6 with medal after finish line

15 al and I medal finish line


Here are a couple of GREAT photos of my hubby!

3 leader of the pack

(I love this photo because it looks like he’s the leader of the pack! Isn’t it awesome!)

8 finish line

10 determination

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Look at that determination. Seriously, so awesome.



Two of the photos struck me as kind of odd. They look like there were taken mere seconds apart. The location is pretty much the same and the people are the same. What’s different? My posture. I looked like near death in the first photo, like I am struggling beyond belief. Yet in the second photo, mere seconds after the first was taken, I look like I could run forever. Strange thing, I did not know a photographer was there. I have a photo where I am giving a “thumbs up” sign to the photographer, but I truly don’t remember seeing a photographer at this point. The photos, though, speak for themselves. There were times I felt like giving up and there were times, I COULD HAVE ran forever.

10 bad posture


11 good posture


Thanks to MarathonFoto for capturing ALL of our images, regardless if I like them or not. The photos definitely tell the story and that’s what I love.

One thought on “And the pics are in…

  1. The photographers are always at the end of the race, where the runners are spread out for better photographs, but that’s the time we are also at our worst. I personally like the pictures best when I look like I’m ready to die, because that captures the way I feel at the end of the race. The picture of you crossing the finish line, with both feet off the ground captures success pretty well. Congratulations again on your race!


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