Going through a withdrawal…

It has been three weeks since my last race and I seriously feel like I am going through some kind of withdrawal. It’s crazy!

Our last race was the Tiki Run 10K on August 2, which was fun, but exhausting. Remember, I ran a fun mud run race that morning and then the Tiki Run that evening. The following Saturday, August 9, was the Ignite Women’s Conference, so I didn’t race. I ran that morning, but no race. The next Saturday, August 16, was the Fargo Blues Fest, so again, no race. But, my hubby and I ran a 5K Saturday morning. We actually ran together, which was so nice. I do love running with my husband, but I know my pace is so much slower than his. I am glad that every once in awhile, he will humor me and run with me at my pace. And that Saturday, the Blues Fest weekend, was SO HOT! And because it was so hot AND humid, my pace was even slower than normal. Oh well, it was still fun.

Here are some pics from the Blues Fest, which my husband and I figured out we have been going to since 2009. This was our sixth festival and we love every minute of it.

us at blues fest

trampled under foot

This is the band, Trampled Under Foot. They are AMAZING! It is a brother-sister team and wow, they were seriously good. I hope to hear them play again someday. We loved them so much, we downloaded their whole CD from iTunes. Yes, they were that good! I have to say they were my favorite out of all the band we heard during the two-day fest!


us running at the blues festus running in fargo

If you notice, we were both sweating just a bit. Yes, it was that hot and THAT humid. The air was so thick, it was hard to breathe!


us swimming

So, what do you do after a run that is so hot and humid, but you forgot your swimming suit? You jump in the pool anyway – sports bra and running shorts make a great make-shift swimsuit! It felt SO GOOD!!!!!


headstand underwater

I even had a little fun in the water. And because there was an outdoor pool, my hubby and I got the indoor pool all to ourselves! Everyone else was in the outdoor one. I bet we swam for dang near an hour! It was so much fun.

Well, this past Saturday, August 23, my husband was on “scanner duty” for his work, so we didn’t go anywhere or do anything. Although I did get in a 10-mile training run. And, I did get in a nice visit with my brother and his wife from Boise, ID and my sister and niece (and her three ADORABLE kids) from Jasper, MN. We all got together at my mom and dad’s on Sunday for lunch. It’s so nice to visit with my family members, especially when I don’t get to see them that often.

I have been running – in the heat and the humidity, but no racing. Seriously, THREE whole weeks.

That is why I am so looking forward to the next two weekends – I have three races on tap and I cannot wait!

First, is the Women Rock 10K. This is my third – and final year – running this race. It’s a great race, don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather run a race that my husband can run, too. Yes, even though we don’t run together, we run “together!” Yes, I know I am in the majority, but I LOVE doing things with my husband. And I would much rather run with him. But that’s not to say I am not looking forward to this year’s Women Rock.

The next race is also this weekend – well, kind of. It’s the Victory Labor Day 10K race on Monday. Yes, both me AND my husband are running this one. This is the first year we’ll be running this race and we are looking forward to it. Although, organizers tout it as Minnesota’s fastest 10K, which is a bit intimidating! Oh well, I get to race and that makes me happy!

Both the Women Rock and the Victory Race are in the Twin Cities.

After that is next weekend’s race, the Graniteman 10K in St. Cloud. Even though St. Cloud is only an hour from us, we plan on spending the entire weekend there and we are really looking forward to it.

Then, the rest of September is kind of up in the air. We have a race that we are going to be at, but not as participants – as volunteers – on September 20. It’s the Norseman Trail Bike and Run at the ski hill close to the town I live in. Volunteering at a race is on my bucket list, so I thought what better time to do it than now. Plus, it’s a race close to where we live and we will hopefully know some of the participants, so we can also cheer them on!

We do have a race that same day, September 20, but it’s in the afternoon – at 4 p.m. It’s the Western Grebe Rush Fun 5K Run in Osakis, MN, a little town about 10 minutes from where we live.

As of right now, we do not have a race for September 13 or September 27, but I have a few I have in mind.

Then, comes October and as of right now, we have three races on the schedule. First up is the Medtronics 10K on October 4. Then, (I forgot about one earlier, so I am now just adding it in), it’s the Fargo Mini Marathon, a 10K on October 11 in Fargo, ND. After that, well, then, it’s………..THE BIGGIE! The Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half-Marathon will take place Sunday, October 19 and I am more than excited and just a wee bit nervous for this one!

Training has been going okay. It’s been hot. It’s been humid. Every time I come in from running, I am wringing wet and sweating like there’s no tomorrow! Check it out:

hot and humid

Can you see the sweat dripping off my nose? YUCK!

hot and humid take two

Yep, that’s sweat. Not rain! Although my 10-miler I just did was mostly done in the rain. I think the first mile was dry and then the last nine were all in the rain, well it’s was sprinkling anyway.

So that’s it for the race agenda – for now. You know us, it could change and we could add a couple of more!

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