Getting down and dirty

Last weekend, oh boy! To try and sum it up in one word? Hmmmm. Let’s see…busymuddyhawaiianlaughterchallengingtiringbutohsofun! Okay, that’s not really one word, but it describes my weekend to a tee – Busy. Muddy. Hawaiian. Laughter. Challenging. Tiring. But…oh-so-fun!

Before I get started on my weekend, I’m gonna let you know a little secret. I’ve kind of been in this funk lately. You know, the I don’t give a rats arse kind of funk. The kind where you don’t care what you eat. You don’t care if you get in your exercise. You’re just not happy. Yay, that one. That kind of a funk.

It all started because there was something I decided to do. Something that required me to kind of put myself out there….a little out of my comfort zone. I went after something and ultimately, even though I was feeling pretty good about it, ended up not getting it. I know I am being a little – okay, a lot – vague about this. For right now, I need to be. But, in due time, you will all know exactly what is going on. Let’s just say there are going to be some changes and I am hoping they are going to be happening sooner than later!


After I didn’t get what I wanted, I kind of went into this deep spiral. I didn’t really think it was going to impact me the way it did, but it definitely got me. Bad. Well, after spiraling pretty deep down, I knew it was time to buck up, suck it up and get over it. I have to say that a little note from my husband, along with some encouragement and words of wisdom from friends, definitely helped me to snap out of it and get back on track. I climbed out of the spiral and made it to the top. THANK GOODNESS!

Here’s the awesome note my hubby left for me last Thursday morning!



And, here is what I posted on Instagram and my Confessions of a [former] Fat Girl Facebook page on August 1 – the start of my new week and the start of a brand new month:

quote 1

So, that’s that. Now, onto this weekend.

On Friday evening, I met up with seven other women in the Twin Cities because on Saturday, the eight of us were going to be participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run – a 5K obstacle course fun run fundraiser for breast cancer. We participated in this last year for the first time and had so much fun, we decide to do it again. Although, not all of us were there this year. There were three who couldn’t make it. After we all arrived at the hotel on Friday night, we headed over to Applebee’s for supper. I order the Chicken Freshcado and let me tell you, it was awesome. It was a Weight Watchers menu item and was only 11 PointsPlus values (PPVs). I only tracked eight of the points because I didn’t eat most of the rice. I felt 8 PPVs was close/good enough. I also had a Shock Top beer, which is similar to a Blue Moon. That was 5 PPVs. And, totally worth it!

Here’s the group, including left to right, Jennifer, Tonya, Amber, Kelly, Tami, me, Tammy and Trena.

eight of us at applebees


I didn’t get the best sleep on Friday night and was up around 6:30 – 6:45 a.m. Saturday morning. I had my alarm set for 7:15 a.m., but was awake around 6 a.m. After we all got ready, we met in the parking lot about 8:30 a.m. and headed out to parking area for the mud run. If we would have parked at the mud run, we would have had to pay $10 per car. We decided to park in the free lot and walk to the event, which ended up being about a mile and half away. Not too bad. I guess!

Here’s a selfie shot I took before heading to the event:

group shot

It’s kind of hard getting everyone in a selfie, but we did it! Too bad it looks like my crown is going up Tammy’s nose. Oops!

And here is a group shot at the mud run before we got started:

group shot before mud run

Back row, left to right: Tonya, Jennifer, Tammy, Tami and Trena.

Front row, left to right: Me, Kelly and Amber.

Yes, our shirts say Dirty Girl Boob Troupe. On the back of the shirts, we had our nicknames and our bra sizes – remember, it was a fundraiser for BREAST cancer! Here’s a pic from last year of our shirts (apparently, we didn’t take one this year!):

back of shirts


And here we are after the race – first, when we were finished and second, when we were all clean (for the most part!) again:

dirty group shot

clean group shot

And one more. This is how dirty I got! Not as dirty as some and not as clean as others. It was fun…BUT HOT! And, I have to say, we were all VERY disappointed in how things were run this year and that we did not get the T-shirt and free beer we were promised. Those are small things, but for the price you pay, you should get what you were promised. Also, the rinsing station was not in a tent this year, but out in the open. And, most of us stripped down to our bras and underwear, which yes, is just like wearing a swimsuit I guess. However, we didn’t expect that there would be men (spectators) who could basically come and “watch.” Yes, the volunteers tried their best to keep them away, but it just didn’t work out so well. Oh well, it’s done and over with it. I am not sure about the others in my group, but I know I won’t be back next year. Yes, it was fun, just not THAT much fun. Two years in a row was enough. The best part, though, wasn’t actually participating in the mud run. It was the time spent with friends the night before and the day of the event. That’s the part I enjoyed. Those are the memories I am going to treasure. My cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard! So, with that in mind, thanks again, Dirty Girl Boob Troupe, for everything. I love ya all!

me dirty




After we all parted ways on Saturday afternoon, I headed to another hotel – this one in St. Paul. Why? Because my husband was coming to meet me because we had a 10K race to run on Saturday night. Yes, the same day as the 5K mud run. After I eventually made it to the hotel (stupid construction!), I immediately took a long, hot shower to try and get the rest of the mud off of me. Then, it was going to be nap time. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. I maybe got a good four hours of sleep on Friday night and then was up early to do the mud run. By the time 3:30 p.m. rolled around on Saturday, I already had well over 10,000 steps on my FitBit and Lord knows how many activity points on my ActiveLink. Yes, I was tired. Shot. Beat.

But, just as I was about to lay down, Al got there. So, we visited for awhile and then I just had to lay down. I could barely stand or even think straight. I think I was also a bit dehydrated and possibly hungry. Anyway, I tried to take a nap, but just couldn’t sleep. But just laying down helped. I think I laid down for about an hour or so with my eyes closed, even though I wasn’t sleeping. It felt good. And when I finally got up, I felt somewhat refreshed. I got ready and the hubster and I ran some errands and then made it back to the hotel in time to change into our running clothes, pack up our running gear and head down to the Union Depot, which is where the Tiki Run 10K was starting from. The Tiki Run was put on by Team Ortho, the same organization that does the Monster Dash and Women Rock, among others. They definitely run some good races.

Here we are before the race started:

al and me before tiki run

As we lined up for the race, all runners received a lighted lei, which was pretty cool. Before the race started, however, I took mine off my neck and wrapped it around my wrist instead. I didn’t think I would like running with it flapping on my neck. Al ran with his, but it came apart while he was running. He shoved it in his pocket so that we could wear it later if he wanted to.

There’s not much to say about this race, EXCEPT……….the race was touted as “fast and FLAT,” which is something most runners love to see. I guess my idea of FLAT was definitely not the same as the person who picked this course. It was far from FLAT! We started uphill. And then, around mile four, there was this nice steady uphill climb. And at that point, I was seriously hitting a wall. I was so exhausted. I ran, but oh-so-slowly, up that dang hill. I think I was cursing the whole time. I can’t remember. I was kind of in a daze, to tell you the truth. Here’s a look at the elevation from my uploaded Garmin information. It may not seem that bad, but I can tell you…it was bad enough! Even my husband said it was, along with several other runners we talked to afterward. So, it wasn’t just me!


Because I was tired and shot from the day, I knew I wasn’t going to PR this race. I just wanted to run, have fun and get it done. Truthfully, I was aiming at an hour and 15 minutes. When I hit the half-way point, however, I was surprised to see that I was actually doing better than I thought. My 5K time was around 32 minutes. I seriously was in shock. So, I decided at that point to try and shoot for an hour and 10 minutes. I thought that was doable. But that was also before the big climb, which really slowed me down…A LOT! But, I still thought that I could muster an hour and 10 minutes. Which, I did. My official time, which surprisingly, was the exact same time as my Garmin Forerunner 220, was 1:09:44 – UNDER the hour and 10 minutes I predicted. I have to say, I was pretty dang happy! Seriously, I was. And, even though I was dog-ass tired, I did have fun!

Here’s a couple of pics after the race:

al and me after tiki run

Can you see how sweaty I am? It was SO hot and humid and there was ZERO wind!

al and me celebrating with beer


Let me tell you, this was one of the tastiest beers ever! It was cold and so refreshing. Along with the free beer, we also got a slice of Hawaiian pizza, which also, tasted so darn good! In fact, it was so good, after we got back to our hotel, we ordered a Hawaiian pizza from here:



Oh. My. Goodness! It was SOOOOOOOOO good! And, totally worth the 20 PPVs I spent on it. (Yes, that was an estimation, but a pretty good one!)

And after the day I had, I totally deserved it. Here’s a look at my FitBit and my ActiveLink information for Saturday:



Yes, I got in more than 30,000 steps on Saturday. I think that maybe my all-time high. I can’t remember. Pretty dang cool, though!




See, I did deserve the pizza…I earned 20 – TWENTY – activity points. Definitely the most I have ever earned. Yep, that is pretty dang cool, as well!

When I woke up on Sunday, I thought I was going to be so sore. I actually wasn’t – well, too sore anyway. Apparently not too sore as I got in more than 12,000 steps on Sunday and that was with traveling back home!

Now, as for today, Monday – it’s doubtful that I will even hit 5,000 steps today!

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