A word from my better half!

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Just yesterday, my husband, Al, and I celebrated running our 100th race! The race, the Henning Polzine 5K, took place in Henning, MN, a small town with a population of about 800 people. It’s close to where we live. Well, it’s about a 40 or so minute drive, but that’s close to us.

We first ran this race back in 2010. In fact, it was our fourth race ever and it was the first race where after about a mile or so, my husband took off and ran ahead of me…at my urging and request. We found out early on that we run at different paces and I begged him to “just go” and to run at HIS pace, not mine. And, he listened. I was happy…and so was he!

Ever since that race, even though we run “together,” we run separately. Now, right before the start of each race, we give each other a quick kiss, some encouraging words and we get in line – Al starts closer to the front and I line up in the middle or toward the back. It works for us. It’s how we like it. I really like it because he is always waiting for me at the finish line – cheering me on! It’s awesome! 

For this installment of my blog, I asked my husband to write a little something about racing and running.

Here’s what he had to say:

TOP 10 THINGS I’VE LIKED ABOUT RUNNING IN 100 RACES – according to Al Edenloff, my awesomely, wonderful husband!

(These are in no particular order)

1. It’s satisfying, rewarding and fun to share a true passion with the person I want to spend the most time with, my wife.

2. Meeting other runners. They come from all backgrounds, in all shapes and sizes and skill levels. They’re all great people who are energizing, inspiring and easy to talk with.

3. I like gadgets. My GPS watch, the website that tracks all my runs and shows them on a map, my wireless earbuds, the music, even the hydration drinks and energy gels.

4. The health benefits. Running not only helped me drop some pounds, but also is a great stress reliever.

5. The sights and sounds. I can still visualize running on scenic trails, seeing lakes and landmarks, running through urban areas of downtown Minneapolis, St. Louis, Las Vegas and San Jose.

6. The training. I’ve actually enjoyed preparing for race, building up the mileage, trimming seconds – sometimes minutes – off my time, and feeling stronger.

7. Helping good causes. All our races have helped others in some way – from fighting cancer to helping the homeless.

8. The camaraderie after the race. Talking to other runners about how the race went, the challenges of it, and other races ahead.

9. The recovery. Treating myself to a big (but not artery-clogging) breakfast after the race, followed by a long, hot shower and then chilling out until the next run.

10. Crossing that finish line. Setting a PR (personal record) is a kick, but sometimes, just completing the goal – the race – is rewarding enough. I like that final push to the finish, when I give it all I’ve got left and three words keep flashing in my head – “I did it!”


I have to agree with every word he wrote! I will write more later this week about our 100th race, including pictures of how we celebrated and the surprise we got after the race!

us and chalkboard

2 thoughts on “A word from my better half!

    1. Vanessa…isn’t it fun to run “together” at races! 😉
      And isn’t it run that you have that in common with your husband. I love that we do this together. I think it has strengthened our relationship!


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