The ups and downs of five years since I began my Weight Watchers journey

This week, I am celebrating my five-year anniversary! It was five years ago this week that I took that giant leap and walked into my very first Weight Watchers meeting. Yes, I joined WW the week before Thanksgiving. Most people thought I was nuts. Most said, “Why join now? Wait until after the holidays. Enjoy the holidays. Start January 1.”

I thought, “Why wait? Why not start now? Why do I want to pack on even more pounds?”

So. I joined. And I am so glad I did. Weight Watchers has changed my life…LITERALLY!

I will get more into that in an upcoming post. For now, I am going to let you see, in pictures, my weight loss journey in numbers. The day I joined Weight Watchers, I was 190.2 pounds. However, just recently, I made the decision to change my starting weight online because prior to joining, I had lost 10 pounds on my own, but that was all I could muster by myself.

So, when you see my starting weight, it actually shows up as 200.2 because I changed it to what my starting weight actually was…it’s just the starting date had to stay the same. I track my weight every week on my Weight Watchers e-tools (electronic tools) account. My weigh-in day used to be on Wednesdays, but I changed it to Fridays about a year ago.

The charts are copied from my e-tools account and are a little hard to read because they actually go backward, meaning you read from the bottom up. The most current date is on the bottom of the chart and then you read to the top. Hopefully it will make sense when you look at them. You will notice that I had – and still have – lots of ups AND downs, meaning weight gains and weight losses. The journey, which again, I will write about in an upcoming blog, has not been perfect by any means. And it NEVER will be.

Enjoy browsing at my journey in numbers!

NOVEMBER 14, 2008 – DECEMBER 26, 2008

JANUARY 2, 2009 – APRIL 10, 2009

APRIL 17, 2009 – JULY 24, 2009

JULY 31, 2009 – NOVEMBER 6, 2009

NOVEMBER 13, 2009 – FEBRUARY 19, 2010

FEBRUARY 26, 2010 – JUNE 4, 2010

JUNE 11, 2010 – SEPTEMBER 17, 2010

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 – DECEMBER 31, 2010

JANUARY 7, 2011 – APRIL 15, 2011

APRIL 22, 2011 – JULY 29, 2011

AUGUST 5 – 2011 – NOVEMBER 11, 2011

NOVEMBER 18, 2011 – FEBRUARY 24, 2012

MARCH 2, 2012 – JUNE 8, 2012

JUNE 15, 2012 – SEPTEMBER 21 – 2012

SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 – JANUARY 4, 2013

JANUARY 11, 2013 – APRIL 19, 2013

APRIL 26, 2013 – AUGUST 2, 2013

AUGUST 9, 2013 – NOVEMBER 15, 2013

And again, here is a look at my before and after photos:

Side note: My husband, although not necessarily doing the plan, lost about 40 pounds!


4 thoughts on “The ups and downs of five years since I began my Weight Watchers journey

  1. Hi Celeste,
    I found your weight charts to be very enlightening. I have been beating myself up for not being able to stay within the WW magical 2# (+/-) of my goal weight which I reached a year ago.
    I was a little relieved to see that your weight fluctuates as well 🙂
    I LOVE your before and after photos–you both look AMAZING!!



    1. Sorry for the delayed response, Becky! We all beat ourselves up and we shouldn’t. It is so hard to maintain when our weight can fluctuate so much. Quit beating yourself up and just go with it. Just pay attention to what your weight does from week to week. And really, just worry about the two pounds up, not necessarily down. As a WW leader, I am less concerned with the weight going down by 2, 3, 4, 10 pounds. It’s the two pounds up that we pay closer attention to.

      Hope all is well and hope you have a terrific holiday season!



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