Our trip, getting back on track and WHAT’S NEXT?

It’s been two weeks since we ran the half-marathon, although I have to tell you, it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s crazy how time flies!

Life – and my kinda, sorta, somewhat regular – routine seem to finally be back on track. The first week back after the race and our vacation, which I will share about shortly, was hard. I think the two-hour time change really wreaked havoc on my system. My eating seemed off and my sleep pattern, OH BOY!, was really out of whack. But finally, I think I am back on the right track. (For the most part, anyway!)

After the race, my hubby and I headed up to Napa to spend our 5th anniversary in wine country, an area very near and dear to our hearts. We were married in a hot air balloon in the Napa Valley overlooking the vineyards on October 8, 2008. We knew we wanted to spend our 5th anniversary in that very same place. Here’s our wedding pic.

Although we visited many different wineries, there were a couple of wineries that we went to that we also visited the day we were married. They just brought back so many great memories. The wineries included – Gundlach Bundschu (pronounced gun lock bun shoe), Sequoia Grove and Prager Port Works.

If you ever find yourself in Napa and are looking for a beautiful place to picnic, GO TO GUNDLACH! This is the best picnic place EVER! The views are absolutely breathtaking and there are some secluded picnic areas that are very romantic!

On our anniversary day, October 8, 2013, we took a six-hour wine tour with a driver, Chad, from One Size Ride. We ended up visiting six different wineries. Chad was an amazing driver and really knew his way around the Napa area. He was fun, laid-back and wasn’t pushy with the wineries. We really only had five that we were planning on visiting, but Chad picked up enough from us and knew what our tastes were that he ended up bringing us to one last one before our trip was done, Twenty Rows. And ironically, it was one we had on our list for the very next day. And, if you ever get the chance, go and visit it. The wines were awesome!

The first winery we visited, Consentino, I had Chad snap a picture of us:

When we were done with our wine visits, we had Chad drop us off at Carpe Diem, the restaurant Al had chosen for our anniversary dinner. It was DELICIOUS! They even gave us a free glass of champagne, which of course, was also very delicious!

Because our lives have changed so much in the last five years, I wanted to get a picture of Al and I in our anniversary attire that was posed very similar to our wedding picture so I could use it as a before and after picture. I had our waitress at Carpe Diem snap the photo for us, showing her our wedding pic so she could pose us the same way. She was such a great sport about it and really did a great job! Here’s the pic:

The next picture is now a side-by-side comparison of the two photos – the one taken on October 8, 2008 and the one taken on October 8, 2013. I know it may seem like bragging or that I am egotistical or whatever it may sound like and I apologize for that. BUT….I am so proud – finally proud – of what we both have accomplished in the last five years. It was – AND IS – a lot of hard work, but gosh darn it, it is SO WORTH IT!  Losing approximately 100 pounds between the two of us – me, about 60 and Al, about 40 – may not seem like much, but let me tell you, it is. I love our after picture and I love our life. AND, yes, I am proud. Proud of both us for taking the healthy living journey and so far, sticking with it!


Our running season is coming to an end – we only have four races left. At least for right now, we have four left. We have the 10-mile Monster Dash this coming Saturday, October 26 and then we have the Chocoholic Frolic 10K on Sunday, November 3, the Turkey Trot 10K in Fergus Falls on Saturday, October 16 and lastly, the Alexandria YMCA Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28.

With these last four races, I am on track to hit my goal this year for the number of races I wanted to reach – 30! Yes, THIRTY races! Even though I live in Minnesota and there are only 52 weeks in a year, I will have participated in 30 different race events this year! YEAH!

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