Week 8 – feeling deflated, hydration issues, HUMIDITY and confidence boosters

I know I usually post on Sundays, but my Sunday got away from me. And apparently, so did my Monday morning, so here it is, Monday night and I am finally getting down to business.

First things first, a quick recap of my week: Monday – biked 7.53 miles and biked 6.25 miles (we biked to Perkins for supper and back – different routes there and back); Tuesday – ran 5.07 miles; Wednesday – rest day; Thursday – ran 10.34 miles; Friday – did a lot of walking and also hit the hotel pool for about an hour…didn’t necessarily swim, but did some exercises in the pool; Saturday – ran 6.2 miles (Graniteman 10K race in St. Cloud); Sunday – didn’t bike, run or walk, but managed to stay busy all day – managed 3 activity points on my ActiveLink and logged nearly 8,000 steps on my Fitbit.

(The picture above is from last Thursday, if I remember correctly!)

I am kind of a gadget freak – I love technology and gadgets. My Fitbit (left) tracks my steps and calories burned for the day and my Weight Watchers Activelink keeps track of my activity points I earn. I love when I hit my goals on both of them!


So, this whole hydration thing – because of the stupid heat and humidity – is driving me batty. I love water. Water. That’s all. I don’t like the taste of much else…it all tastes fake or something. I can’t really put my finger on it. I have tried so – SO – many different brands and flavors, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – tastes as good as plain old water. BUT, I know that there are times, I need more. So, my friend erin – Miss Ironman Canada – (Sweet Sweat), suggested I tried Skratch Labs, a more natural hydration drink. I did. I tried the lemon & limes mix.

I opted for this flavor because fruitier flavors REALLY don’t sit well with me. Again, I love PLAIN water. It was okay. I will give it another chance, but I will make sure my water is really, REALLY cold to begin with. I wish I could be like my husband, who LOVES any flavor of anything. He goes through so much hydration stuff, it is sometimes unbelievable. Here’s a sampling of just some of the stuff we have at home…again, this is just a sampling!

The GU Brew, which is orange flavored, and the Nuun, which is lemon tea flavored, we bought for me. They were both just okay. I truly wish they would make this stuff without any flavor…except the taste of good old water!


We had another race this past Saturday, the Graniteman 10K.  I was actually feeling good about the race. I had been hydrating and I ate fairly well this week. But for some reason, when I woke up race morning, I just wasn’t feeling it. My stomach was wonky and I didn’t feel the greatest. It was, of course, hot and humid, which probably put me in a funk to begin with. Well, after a pep talk or two from my hubby (he is so good at that and I never thank him for it. I should. It may not seem like it works or that I appreciate it, but I do. I really do.) Anyway, as the race started, I actually felt better and found a good rhythm. I thought to myself that maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. THEN…mile three came and for some reason, I hit a wall. I also got hot. REALLY hot. And even though I had hydrated enough before the race, I should have brought my water bottle with me. I had good intentions, but left it sitting on my dining room table. AARGH! Luckily there were plenty of water stops and I took full advantage of them…but more so to pour the cold water on my head and down my back then to actually drink it. Mile four was just as bad and mile five was even worse….probably because of not only the humidity, but the few hills that were included. I HAVE GOT TO WORK MORE ON HILLS! Mile six, for whatever reason, was better. Here’s a look at my horrible splits:

After the race, I felt deflated. REALLY deflated. Especially after last weekend’s Women Rock race, where I knocked nearly six minutes off my time from the previous year. This Saturday’s race, I added nearly three minutes to my time from last year and the worst part…last’s years race was WAY hillier. AARGH!

I know every runner has their ups and downs and this race was definitely a downer for me. It made me question my ability for my upcoming half marathon. It made me question if I am ready for it. Should I be training more? What should I be doing? Why can’t I seem to get better at EVERY race? Why? Why? Why? I know these are stupid thoughts and they need to go away, but I can’t help it. This is how my brain works. At any rate, I would like to give a shout out to my hubby who did terrific…as usual. Although he did struggle a little, too. The heat got the best of him also. But maybe not as bad as he thought…he placed second in his age group and he came in 15th out of 43 males and 24th out of 146 runners in the 10K category. He did alright, I would say!

Pics from the race:


After the race, I sent a text to one of my good friends, who is also a runner. I told her the race sucked. After a few exchanges, she sent me this message:

She always knows what to say to make me feel better. Thanks, Tonya! You are such an inspiration to me and one who I can always count on to make me feel better. You are a ROCK STAR!

In addition to Tonya’s message, I remembered a surprise text message I received not that long ago from one of my nephew’s, Clayton. The text came out of the blue and really made my day when I got it. I keep it on my phone so I can read it when I need a little boost. Thanks for making my day – over and over – Clay! You’re the best! Here’s his message:

I may have lost a little confidence because of the Graniteman 10K race, but I also know that I will keep going and will NEVER give up. I have come too far to do that. I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other and just keep on keeping on! Here’s a look at the rest of my week in pictures, which by the way and not that it really matters, but all the photos I post here I have taken myself and most often, are taken with just my iPhone. Just in case you were wondering!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon is about one month away! EEK!

9 thoughts on “Week 8 – feeling deflated, hydration issues, HUMIDITY and confidence boosters

  1. Don’t underestimate the negative effect of humidity on your performance. It slows everyone WAY down in addition to sucking the life and enjoyment of every workout. It’s bad but your struggling in it will make you better in the long run!

    In regard to water or other liquids; there’s nothing wrong with just drinking water during most workouts. You’ll consume what you need during your meals. Maybe a little sugar would give you some pep during runs longer than a 10K, but during a 6 mile race, sticking to just water isn’t going to affect your performance.


  2. Keep your head up, Celeste! Everyone has bad runs, including me. If we didn’t have them, the good runs wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying. And, perhaps the most important part: Attitude. You have a positive attitude and that’s the difference between stopping and dwelling on it and moving forward. You’ve got this and are doing great! I have no doubt: You WILL rock that 13.1 in a month!

    Also, glad to hear you tried Skratch! I’m not much a fruity flavored fan, either, but like the raspberries way better than lemons & limes. My current favorite Nuun flavor is strawberry lemonade (tri-berry is also tasty). Stick with it… it gets better! I have a tough time drinking plain water now and always put fresh lime or lemon in it when I drink throughout the day!


    1. Thanks, erin! I am thinking about trying the raspberry Skratch. And I did try the tri-berry and the watermelon Nuun, believe it or not and it actually wasn’t that bad. And thanks for the boost of confidence. You’re right…I got this!


  3. I have been running for nearly 5 years now. I can finally say I am a ‘runner,’ since I recently completed my first marathon! My husband said I can no longer say, I am not really a runner. ;o)
    I too have had good and bad races! In all honesty, it is what we learn from the not so good that makes the good ones great!!
    Humidity…..kills a pace! I can guarentee that even the top finishers were below their pace! The other end of the stick that kills your pace….wind and cold! It happens, you did it! I would rather run in the cold than hot, humid any day of the week!!
    I love Graniteman! I have done the half every yeat since it started (3 years ago). I had to miss this year due to an injury. :o( When I realized how humid and hot it would be, it made me feel a little better!
    Remember not every race will be your best, but every race makes you stronger, tougher and better!! Love your blog! Hope to sometime meet you in St Cloud, I’ve worked a few meetings up there. I lead at the Buffalo meeting.


    1. Way to go on your first marathon! Awesome job! And you are so right, we do learn from our bad runs…just like we learn from our not so good food choices! Thanks for reading my blog and hope to meet you also sometime….maybe at Innovations this October!


  4. You are really doing great Celeste. I am enjoying following through your training. You shouldn’t feel badly about Saturday since you just had a long run two days earlier. Body probably wasn’t ready to go all out yet.


  5. Celeste: You need to try the exercise scratch it’s much better than the everyday version you photographed. I also prefer the pineapple because it has the least flavor. NUUN can be delicious if you find the right flavor but sometimes I have stomach problems from the artificial sweeteners but the tabs sure are convenient. Thanks for always sharing your experiences with us here!


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