Week five – blues, biking, sweets and long runs

I am not sure what my deal was last week – or the last couple weeks, really – but I could not get enough to eat. And unfortunately, I wasn’t craving the healthy foods – all I wanted was sugar. Sugar in doughnuts, sugar in ice cream, sugar in candy bars, sugar in whatever I could find it in.

Despite all my exercising/activity efforts, I managed to gain three pounds in the last two weeks. I know, not really that big of deal, but at the same time, it is! So, this week, my plan is to stay away from sugar! Okay, maybe not all the way, but I will not eat nearly the amount I ate last week. It was ridiculous! For my Weight Watchers friends/members, I will let you know that a large concrete mixer from Culver’s is no where near worth the 40 PointsPlus values you’ll find in one! YIKES!

The concrete mixer at Culver’s was not really worth it, but the 4 PointPlus values per half cup for this gelato was – thanks, honey, for bringing it home. It was delicious:

But, that is all behind me and it’s time to move on.

Before I go into detail about my week, I just have to give a shout out and HUGE thank you to my friend, Jim, from the blog, Father Knows Last. Jim wrote a little piece on how we connected and how similar we are. He hit the nail on the head and I, myself, couldn’t have said it better. Since Jim and I “met,” he has been a huge inspiration to me. I have been following his journey from the beginning and he is has amazed me every step. Thanks again, Jim, for writing such an awesome blog post.

My favorite part is the last paragraph: “By the way, how do you think the two Weight Watcher members did during the 6.2 mile race? We both set personal records in addition to winning first place in our respective gender and age groups! Not too bad for a couple of former fat people, huh?!” I LOVE IT!!!!!!

So, a brief summary of my week: Monday – biked 15 miles; Tuesday – ran 4.1 miles; Wednesday – biked 21 miles; Thursday – ran 8.03 miles; Friday – walked & danced a ton; Saturday – ran 4.11 miles, plus walked & danced some more; Sunday – biked about 12 miles.

I did spend a little bit more time on the bike this week, but I also managed to get in my longest training run since I began training for this October’s half marathon! I have found that I am pretty consistent in my runs as far as my pace goes – and I definitely run slower when I am running on my own than when I am running in a race. I just can’t seem to push myself as hard when I am on my own. Something I need to work on. Here’s a look at two of my runs and how consistent I am with my pace:

A highlight of this week was the Fargo Blues Festival at the Newman Outdoor Field. This is something Al and I have gone to for the last five years for sure, but maybe even six. This is a highlight of the summer for us. And thanks to an awesome radio personality and DJ, we get free tickets to the two-day event! This year, one of the artists was Janiva Magness. We have never heard her before, but let me tell you, she is now my new favorite blues artist. And the best part, I got to meet her afterward, get my picture taken with her and she signed her CD for me. I am in awe of her talent…AND her story. You can check her out of Facebook here, Twitter here and she is also on Instagram.

A couple of pictures from the Blues Festival:

Here is a look at the rest of my week in pictures:

In the last pic, I stated that I biked about 12 miles because I didn’t run my app on my phone because my hubby and biked to the fair (we worked the Echo Press newspaper booth), then we biked to eat (yes, that was my meal – I only ate half the fries and I ate all my hamburger, minus the bottom bun), then we biked to Walmart to get a few things and then we biked home! We were guessing it was about 12 miles.

Here’s hoping you all have a great week…I know I am sure going to try for an awesome week!


2 thoughts on “Week five – blues, biking, sweets and long runs

  1. Thanks for the kind words about my blog Celeste!

    I was craving some Culvers frozen custard last winter, and like you, I was shocked at how many calories and points were packed into that yummy goodness!

    Don’t worry about running faster during a race than you do while training: That’s how it works for everyone. I spent four weeks practicing the tempo I wanted to run in Alexandria, and had trouble holding a 7:35 pace for four miles during my workouts. Then on race day, every mile was faster than 7:25, with the final mile at 7:00! Enjoy the excitement and competition (and the PR’s)!


  2. It ebb and flows… we cut out sugar the past couple weeks, and although it’s been tough (I want gelato!), I’ve found healthier ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, including banana “ice cream” (on the blog this week!) and fresh peaches and whipped full fat coconut milk. So good!

    Anyway, fantastic week of workouts, Celeste! You are well on your way to your second 13.1! And, with all the biking… perhaps a duathlon sometime? 🙂


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