Week two – some revisions need to be made

Well, week two of my half-marathon training is complete. It went pretty well, I guess. I have decided that I need to revise my schedule slightly and not make Sundays my long run. I thought that was going to work, but I am just way too tired on Sundays. In addition, Sundays are my laundry day and the day I just sit around the house. Kind of relaxation day…well, except for the laundry!

So, I’m not sure yet which day will be my long-run day, but I will figure it out. I am guessing it is going to be Thursdays as I only have one meeting that day and I am usually home by 2:30 p.m. I just have to figure out the logistics.

As I said earlier, this week went fairly well. Only one day didn’t work out as planned as far as training goes. On Friday, it ended up being a little windier than I like for riding bike, so the hubster and I went for a three-mile walk instead. Other than that, the weather cooperated and I got in all my runs and bikes rides I wanted.

We – my hubby and I – had a 10K race on Saturday and I was pretty pumped about my time. Well, my time according to my app on my iPhone. My official time was about a minute off and I am guessing it’s because it was a gun start, not a chip start. So, I am going to go with my app, which by the way, I absolutely LOVE. It’s called LogYourRun Pro. I truly love it and I believe it’s worth whatever I paid for it. I had the free one, but upgraded to the pro version. Sometimes, it’s just worth it.

On Friday, I tried a new salad at Panera Bread in St. Cloud. A friend and Weight Watcher member, who is a soon to be co-worker of mine told me about it and it was delicious. Sad part, it is only seasonal. It’s the chicken strawberry poppyseed (or something like that) and for the whole salad, it is only 9 PointsPlus Values (PPV’s). It was totally worth it. Isn’t it pretty:

So, here is a look at my week in pictures:

While bike riding in town, I saw these deer cross the road ahead of me. I stopped and found them in the backyard of this person’s home. They didn’t stay there long. I moved just a little too much and they darted off rather quickly.
It was a little chilly on my ride so I actually had to wear a jacket. Also, this was the first time wearing a visor. Have to say I liked it!

This was the day all and I walked. It was a nice leisurely walk.
This was our race day. My official time according to Pickle Events was 1:02:36. I know it’s not that big of a difference, but it’s still a difference.

Al and I ran the 10K and two of my friends, Tammy (to the left of me) and Trena (to the right) ran the 5K. In addition, my son’s dad and my ex-husband, Rod, ran the 5K as well. This was his first race. And, he did really well. We were all so proud of him.

So, that is my week in a nut shell.

This week should be pretty much the same, except……I can’t wait for Saturday. Myself, along with 10 other lovely ladies, are participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in the Twin Cities – it’s a fundraiser for breast cancer. We are the Dirty Girl Boob Troupe and it is going to be a blast!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at celbeam@gmail.com or check out either of my Facebook pages. You can find them here and here.

2 thoughts on “Week two – some revisions need to be made

  1. Great week, Celeste! Totally ok to switch up your long run… I was running mine on Thursdays, but switched to Saturdays because I just didn’t have time after work to squeeze it in. Aren’t visors the best?! I don’t run without one 🙂

    Fantastic sky photos, as always!


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