Week one complete!

My first week of training for the Rock-n-Roll half-marathon this October is complete! And it wasn’t too bad if I say so myself. I’ll get into more of that in a minute. But first…

I have decided that I am going to model my blog after a fellow blogger, friend and someone who is now a major inspiration to me (more than she probably realizes) – miss erin klegstad! You can find her blog, sweet sweat, here. I highly recommend you read it.

A little background for you:

I worked with erin (she likes little e’s not big e’s!) at the Echo Press newspaper for a couple of years. Back then, she wasn’t necessarily my inspiration, even though she SHOULD have been. She actually kind of intimidated me with all her fitness-ness-self. She was thin and healthy and I was not-so-thin and not-so-healthy! I thought she was cool and all, but the fact that she exercised and loved it, or seemed like she did,  sometimes, kind of, drove me crazy. (Probably how I now drive people crazy!) Actually, I guess it kind of puzzled me. I just didn’t get it.

I’ve talked about erin on my blog before, but since I have taken the healthy living journey and have stepped it up in the exercise, especially running, world, erin has definitely become more of an inspiration. She’s kind of my hero, really. I mean, come on people, she’s training for the Ironman Canada that takes place this August! Yes, she is THAT kind of inspiration! She has…determination – dedication – strength – courage – fire…along with this inner and outer beauty that both impresses and inspires.

Anyway, I love her blog and read every, single post. Some might call me a stalker. I call myself a huge and loyal fan. I love the way she recaps with brief summaries and tons of photos. erin has always been great at taking fun and unique photos.

So, my dear readers…here is a recap of my first week of training…with LOTS of photos!

These are just a few of my necessities when running…sunglasses, inhaler, chapstick, clip for my phone, iPhone, bluetooth earbuds, Gu and gum.
The heat and humidity really make a person sweat!
I use the LogYourRun app on my phone. And…I love it!
These are stats for a run.
Stats for my bike ride.
Temps when I went running.
I find it kind of weird, but one of the first places I sweat – even though you really can’t see it here – is on the top of my hands. Nothing else is sweating, but the tops of my hands are ALWAYS sweaty! Weird.
Run stats.
My husband and I, after checking the forecast and seeing “no chance of rain” came across this on our bike ride. NOT FUN! My son came and picked us up…just in the nick of time.
It started to downpour as we pulled into the driveway so we had him back up as close as he could to the garage so we could get our bikes out. Didn’t help. We still got drenched.
I participated in a 5K walk with a couple of friends and their daughters. We had a blast. Check my Facebook page for more information – https://www.facebook.com/celeste.edenloff
Because my training schedule called for a 3-mile run this day, after the 5K walk in the morning, I did manage to still get in a 3-mile run in the afternoon!
Run stats.
Run stats.
Run stats. Wasn’t feeling it today. Kind of tired and sluggish, which resulted in a much slower pace.
As much as I am a matchy-matchy person, sometimes, I just don’t care and end up with a rainbow-y type outfit! I do love all the bright colors!


2 thoughts on “Week one complete!

  1. I’m excited for you! Training for a race is sometimes as much fun as actually running it. I love training! I look forward to following you progress through the next months!


  2. Aww… Celeste! Thank you! Seriously, so, SO sweet of you! And, I would say the same about you… I am so proud of you! Your healthy lifestyle and all your running is so inspiring, and I love following all your progress. Your training plan looks great, too… glad to see some biking / cross training incorporated. Can’t wait for your weekly training recaps! A couple 13.1s are the first steps to a full 26.2…! 🙂


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