Yes, I am back. AND…I am training for another half-marathon


Well, dear readers (I hope I have some left!), I am back. Yes, it’s been awhile and I apologize. I am going to make this one short, but I will have a more detailed one coming up soon. I PROMISE.

This week, I am starting my training program for the half-marathon my husband and I will be running in October in San Jose, California. It is another Rock-n-Roll series one and we are ecstatic!

I just finished putting together my training program. I found one online that I liked (but don’t ask where because I can’t remember – I found it quite awhile ago). I tweaked it to fit my schedule and I am excited to start!

I think one of my biggest mistakes last year was not really following a program. I kind of did, but not really. So, here goes…

Here is what the months of July, August, September and October will be looking like for my training for the half-marathon. To all my runner friends out there, let me know your thoughts…how does the schedule look?

So, that is that. If anyone has any words of encourage, any advice or training tips they would like to share, please email me at I appreciate all of your comments! Take care, dear readers.