Disgusted and appalled!

This week in my Weight Watchers meetings our topic was portions and portion control. One of my members recently returned from Las Vegas and shared a story with our group. I think the entire time she spoke, my jaw – along with everyone else’s jaws – were hanging on the floor.

Heart Attack Grill.

Have you ever heard of it? I wish I never had. In a world where obesity is now an epidemic and continues to spiral out of control, restaurants such as this should not be able to open. Plain and simple, they should not exist. It is utterly disgusting and repulsive. They celebrate obesity like it’s a good thing.

I mean, seriously, HEART ATTACK GRILL??????? What kind of name is that anyway? You want your customers to HAVE a heart attack? Like this is something good? Obviously, you don’t value peoples’ lives. I am angered by this restaurant. Seriously angered. How can the owner celebrate obesity? How can the owner celebrate an unhealthy lifestyle? Why does the owner wish ill health upon customers?

So, what is this restaurant all about? Well, for starters, if you weigh over 350 pounds, you get to eat for free. Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. There is a scale to weigh the customers and it’s not in private. Oh no, it’s in-your-face in front of everyone so people can cheer you on, hoping and wishing you tip the scale over that 350-pound mark so you can eat for free. And by the way, cheering heavy people on? What? What the hell is this world coming to? Utter disgust.

The waitresses, apparently, are dressed in nurses outfits. Really? Like if someone had a heart attack they would know what to do. Don’t think so. And speaking of that, apparently some guy had a heart attack in the restaurant recently and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Really? It was publicized like it was cool. O.M.G!!!!!!!! Give me a break. Luckily, the guy didn’t die.

Shouldn’t this be a wake-up call? Come on people…QUIT patronizing the restaurant!!!!!!! Quit celebrating obesity!!!!! Quick celebrating an unhealthy lifestyle!!!!!!

I found some pictures, via the restaurants website, that I thought I would share with you all. Really, I can’t even find the right words anymore to explain how disgusted I am. It truly is repulsive. Plain and simple.

Check ’em out:

The outside of the building
Yep, here are the waitresses (I'll keep my comments to myself on this one!)
Apparently, this is called the quadruple burger. For real? I wonder how many Points Plus Values this has?
The outside of the menu
The inside of the menu

Can you feel my blood pressure rising? This is so utterly ridiculous. But I guess it fits in Vegas, doesn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Disgusted and appalled!

  1. Celeste, if you are so angered about this restaurant and people patronizing it….. why did you write a column about it, research pictures and posting the pictures, it is sparking more interest now. You just promoted this restaurant. Thank you.


  2. This restaurant is a sign of our times. Whatever our weakness, we have to spin it into something intriguing. I’m a heavy woman, who hates being heavy. For me, a normal restaurant meal is a bargain–I take home I take home enough for at least 2 more meals. But we are so used to huge portions that we would riot if the portions diminished and the prices stayed the same. Good luck on your crusade.


    1. Ok I have to disagree with the one poster, you have not promoted this place by talking about it. I personally think we have to make our own choices and hopefully we’ll chose not to go to it, but hey, Vegas isn’t about health anyway, prostitution is legal there, yep super healthy! Besides most of your readers have followed your journey since you started it and are equally appalled by the restaurant. Bringing it to our attention can at least make me happy that my town doesn’t have anything like that!

      As for the place itself, the pictures are disguesting. And that they promote being obese as a good thing (free eating) is sad and shows what kind of people they are. We can’t police everyone and for those that decided to eat it and go for it…………….we are what we eat and only responsible for ourselves!

      Now show me a mountain of nacho’s that big, I might be lost!!!!!!!! LOL, Just kidding.

      So glad to have you back in our corner talking to us!


  3. I am a woman who lost over 100 pounds through Weight Watchers and knows what it means to make lasting lifestyle changes for weightloss and self improvement. I tell you this so that you’ll know that I come from a place of understanding when I say that I have some serious concerns about your article. I also tell you this so that you will forgive me when I tell you that my first reaction to your article was: Oh please, honey. Don’t get your panties in a twist.

    1. “Some restaurants should not be allowed to open”
    Really? Should all cigar shops be shut down? All bars? What happened to personal responsibility?
    Trying to blame a restaurant for a heart attack is like trying to blame the ground for a failed skydiving jump. The decision to jump out of a plane might have had a little more to do with the results than the existence of the earth.
    2. “Why does the owner wish ill health upon customers?”
    He doesn’t. You know that. I know that. There are plenty of other restaurants that feature menu items like a “death by chocolate” flourless torte. Just because you eat it doesn’t mean you are going to die. It is a name. Get over it.
    3. “… cheering heavy people on? What? What the hell is this world coming to?”
    Yes, because the extensive fat-shaming and harassment overweight people regularly endure because of their size is SO much more appropriate. They should constantly be greeted with scorn and public humiliation. That is the only appropriate thing to do. That is the only way they will learn. And being weighed in PUBLIC??!?!? That should be done in a back room, in private… in the dark, so they know that their weight is disgusting and shameful. Why should fat people go outside at all?
    In all seriousness, I do find promoting free food for people who weigh over 350 pounds to be absurd. But I find it far less OFFENSIVE than the bill proposed in Mississippi (or Alabama ?) a few years ago that attempted to prohibit any restaurant from serving any food to anyone who was obese. All patrons would have been weighed, and no one with a BMI over 30 would have been allowed to eat anything – regardless of the type of food that was served.
    4. [About the “nurses”] “Like if someone had a heart attack they would know what to do.”
    It was a waitress who called 911… which is what you are supposed to do when someone has a heart attack. The other patrons didn’t notice, and the ones who did thought it was a joke or a stunt and did nothing.
    5. “Shouldn’t [a guy having a heart attack at this place] be a wake-up call?”
    More people have heart attacks at gyms than they do in places like these. Should we shut down 24hr Fitness too?
    I do not deny the contribution of diet to overall health, but the man did not have a heart attack because he ate at this particular restaurant on this particular day. He did not have a heart attack because he ordered bacon on this particular hamburger. The man had a heart attack because he had a heart problem.

    It all goes back to personal responsibility. People eating at these places KNOW that it isn’t good for them. But people also like extremes. People like skydiving, base jumping, and ultra marathons. All of those things also carry physical risks to the participants. But even knowing these risks, people still do them. People still watch.

    I mostly take issue with your tone. On one hand you seem to encourage shaming overweight people, while on the other you absolve them of all responsibility by blaming the institutions that offer unhealthy choices. Neither is constructive.
    It is not about how we treat obesity in our society. It is not about places like these. Choosing to eat a meal in a place like this will not make someone fat, just like eating a carrot doesn’t MAKE someone thin. It is a LIFETIME of personal choices that contributes to a person’s overall health.
    Anyone who goes to Weight Watchers should know that.


  4. It’s Vegas Baby. Anything goes and the place exists for the experience. Friends have dined there. They enjoyed the food even if it was over the top. It was the experience. I agree completely with Kathy’s post. It’s a personal choice and you have every right to be disgusted and appalled just as others have the right to enjoy the experience.


  5. As a former fat girl who still is a foodie, may I offer some advice? GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. What people like you FAIL to understand is that people have to make their own choices. Noone is forcing people to eat at that place. And I imagine that most people who eat there do not engage in that form of eating regularly. But if they do, then that is their business, not yours. You have the CHOICE to eat healthy, please allow others to do the same.


  6. I do not even know how I ended up here, however I thought this submit was once good. I do not realize who you might be but certainly you are going to a famous blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!


  7. It’s a business. They found a niche to make money. In the end game all businesses are there to make money plain and simple. Oh and to the one poster prostitution is illegal in las Vegas BTW, you have to travel about 20 miles outside of city limits to find the brothels. I don’t really have a huge problem with the restaurant, I mean if you don’t like it dont go, that’s the great thing about America. Freedom!


  8. Well at least they are being honest with the them of this burger restaraunt. I wish all restaraunts that serve unhealthy foods (most of them) would be honest and label thier foods this way. I had a salad at applebees the other day thinking I was being healthy and foudn out later that it had over 1800 calories and 70 grams of fat! Maybe if they called it the triple bypass salad I’d have passed it by.
    I mean isn’t is a bigger crime for McDonald’s and other places to advertise to children and not just say what they are serving is the same junk as this place???
    At least they are up front about what kind of food they are offering.
    It’s not offensive, it’s the truth. And if you are willing to eat here and wiegh yourself in and be cheered on for being fat, then you totally deserve the free meal that is causing your fat!


  9. “People think he’s crazy but actually, he’s a genius. He used to work in fitness and nutrition but no one listened. This place is like a last ditch attempt to get through to people. When someone stands on the scales and they tip 350 lb, everyone’s around them, hollering. He says, If that doesn’t get through to them, nothing will! He’s making a point and it works. I’ve had guys send me pictures six months later saying, Look at me, I’ve lost 20lb!”



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