Have to share…sorry!

Okay, so awhile back I posted about an award I received. Well, even though I used to work at the newspaper, I didn’t even think about putting something in about it. However, because my husband still works there – he’s the editor of the Echo Press in case you didn’t know – he thought we should put something in the business section.

Well, duh, of course! So, I just have to share me in the newspaper…here is the article:

Yep, here I am, in my local newspaper, the Echo Press...www.echopress.com!

One thought on “Have to share…sorry!

  1. Congratulations again on the pair of awards, Celeste! Through hard work, your life has changed in so many ways. You have gone from being the Weight Watcher, to being the award winning Weight Watcher leader, and now you have gone from being the reporter to being the special person who is reported on!


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