Hello everyone! Yes, I know, I have been absent again. I apologize. I really do. I am sorry I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time, but seriously, I have been kind of busy. Okay, maybe not THAT busy, but maybe lazy?

Well, I have some EXCITING news to share. At least for me it was exciting. And I hope I don’t come across as bragging, because that is SO not what I am doing. I am just excited.

Today, Saturday, October 15, was our annual meeting for Weight Watchers. The meeting, which was held in Pequot Lakes, was where we got to learn about upcoming changes and everything else for the next year. Kind of exciting, if you ask me. Really, exciting, actually.

AND……besides learning about new and upcoming changes, we also celebrate. Celebrate the past year. Attendance, weight loss, etc.

Well………I was honored today and it made me SOOOOOOOO excited. I never saw it coming, that’s for sure. My territory manager, Jill, who led today’s meeting, presented me with the Jean Nidetch Leader of the Year Service Vision Award! Basically, I was named Leader of the Year!!!! And that brought a tear – or two – to my eye!

If you don’t know who Jean Nidetch is, she founded Weight Watchers nearly 50 years ago!

Below, is a picture of my award and a picture of me with my territory manager. It was hard to take a picture of the award – it is a glass plate, that sits on a stand. I took a picture of it without the stand.



When I got home from the meeting, my awesome husband thought we should go out to eat and celebrate. I couldn’t agree more. I was on cloud nine. So, we decided to go to Bella’s on Broadway, an awesome pasta restaurant in downtown Alexandria. After we ordered our wine (yes, a whole bottle!) and dinner (yes, I chose a rich pasta dish!), my husband said, “Isn’t this kind of counterintuitive?” Well, maybe.

But for tonight, it doesn’t matter. I am celebrating. I am happy. I love my job. I love my members AND, it just doesn’t get any better.

Or does it? (See below!)

Yes. I. Did.

Well, at least I shared it with my hubby!

3 thoughts on “Counterintuitive?

  1. A few weeks ago , a couple of my friends and I went to the Grape Stomping Festival and on Friday nite we ate at Bella’s. We all agreed that that is the best Italian food
    that we had eaten at in a long time. We are from Grand Forks and thought that was a highlight of the weekend!!


  2. I’m so sorry, I don’t remember the name of the dessert. It was from Bella’s restaurant in downtown Alexandria. And fortunately AND unfortunately, I don’t have the recipe!


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