I think my mojo is back (maybe!)

I think I am back on track. The last couple of weeks have gone much better. I am eating better, I am exercising and I think my head is on straight again. Well, as straight as it can be.

Not sure what happened to me, but I must have been in some kind of funk. Whatever it was, I think it is gone. For now.

I have been back running again. More than I have in the past few weeks and it feels soooooo good. I have also been moving and grooving to Jillian Michaels DVDs. And, for the most part, I have been loving it.

I do have one thing I have to share. I love being a leader for Weight Watchers. My members are so awesome. All of them. I wish, however, that I could spend one-on-one time with some of them. I wish I could give them more attention some time and more information and tips and whatever else it is they need. I know so many people struggle with weight issues and it is so hard. I try to encourage them the best I can.

Sometimes, however, they actually encourage me and I don’t even think they know it. Sometimes, a member can say something to me and to them, it is probably nothing, but to me, it means so much. I appreciate their little words of encouragement; their little nods of understanding; their laughter when I TRY to be funny; their clapping after a meeting (although most of the time this doesn’t happen, but I have to admit it’s kind of cool when it does); their thank you’s; their smiles; their words of wisdom; their words of encouragement to other members; and their tips and tricks they often share.

I lead 13 meetings per week and each one is unique. I travel to different towns and encounter so many truly wonderful people. I am grateful for the job I have and the opportunity to try and help people. It is truly an inspiring job. Yes, as I said before, I do actually miss attending meetings, but I finally realized that I can still be a part of them. I know, it sounds weird, right? But I still get to listen to the members share and that is one of the BEST parts of my job.

At any rate, I am feeling much better and I think things are back on track. Actually, I know they are. For now, anyway, and that’s all I need. Thanks to my family for their support and to each and every single one of my members. You all mean so much to me.

Take care everyone and don’t forget to check out my Confessions of  a [former] Fat Girl Facebook page. You can get to it by clicking here. Also, don’t forget you can always leave a comment or feel free to send me an email – celbeam@gmail.com.

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