The lake place

It’s summertime! Although, really, you can’t tell by the weather. Which, on a side note, has made me very crabby…and hungry. Why does the weather play such a big role on my mood, which in turn, plays a HUGE role in how – or what – I eat. AARGH, it’s so frustrating.

Anyway, back to summer. With it comes time spent at the “lake place,” which is my husband’s family’s cabin on beautiful Lake Ida. Because of the weather, we haven’t spent much time there yet this year. Although this weekend, we will hopefully be spending quite a bit of time there – weather permitting!

I don’t know what it is about that place, but it seems to trigger this uncontrollable, have-to-stuff-my-face-full-of-food desire. It’s crazy. I don’t know why, but I CANNOT control my eating while I am there. From the second I walk in the door until I leave, I am non-stop munching and crunching. Doesn’t matter what it is, either. It can be healthy or non-healthy foods, but I just have to eat.

Each time before we go there, I have this “talk” with myself. I try to boost my confidence and tell myself that I can do it. I will have control and restrain myself from overdoing it. But I fail each and every time. And it’s getting a little old. I think I need to try a new tactic, but it may come off as a little rude. You see, the cabin is a small, quaint trailer house that has a kitchen and living room in the main part with three bedrooms and a bathroom at the rear. Guess where everyone gathers? Yep, you got it…in the kitchen.

If there was some way I could just stay out of the kitchen, I think I could do it. By doing that, however, I would either have to spend ALL my time outside or in the living room, which would then take me away from all the food, but it would also take me away from all the people. I wish I could have more control. AND I wish I knew what it is about THAT place that makes me feel this way.

Like I mentioned earlier, we will hopefully be spending much of this weekend at the lake. I am once again going to have the “talk” with myself. I think I will also beg and plead with my husband to help me. He is always so sweet though. I can’t imagine him telling me to, “back away from the food!” Although I would LOVE it if he did. He is probably afraid I will bite his head off, as I have been known to do that from time to time! Nothing gets between me and my food, right? : )

I guess I will try, once again, to take control. If I don’t succeed, I can always go for a walk around the loop – a 3-mile, hilly route that’s sure to help me burn off SOME of the calories!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! May you have the independence to stay on track over this holiday weekend – we can do it, right?

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