Lessons learned about running

I have been running about a year now…give or take a few months. And since I started running, I have learned some lessons – some valuable and some, well, not so much. (Maybe humorous is a better word!)

So, my dear readers, here is some insight into the world of running – well, from my perspective, anyway!

1. Invest in a good pair of shoes. Or two. Or, maybe even three.

2. Find the right music for you. Mine, I found, is all instrumental, upbeat, up tempo music. I found it on iTunes and I think it might even be called running music/tunes or something like that. I run in tempo with the music. It’s actually quite cool.

3. If you use a GPS system, like a Garmin Forerunner, by all means, make sure you turn it on at the start of your run. It doesn’t do much good to turn it on when your run is over.

4. Make sure you have on comfortable underwear. Enough said.

5. Make sure you wear a decent, comfortable sports bra. Which reminds me, I think I need to invest in one or two of these. (Any suggestions, anyone?)

6. Running up hills is just not fun. Period.

7. Running into the wind is not any fun either.

8. Running up hill and into the wind, well, that is just plain wrong. And, yep, you guessed, REALLY not fun.

9. It really doesn’t matter that your outfit doesn’t match. Really. It matters, however, that it is comfortable and doesn’t chaf you…anywhere. Today, I had on gray capri pants with white and yellow stripes on each side. My shirt was red. Nope, didn’t match. Nope, I didn’t care. I was comfortable and I didn’t chaf.

10. Time. Speed. Distance. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are out there doing it. You are moving.

11. It also doesn’t matter if your husband can run faster. Really, it doesn’t. (Yes, I think I have finally gotten over this.)

12. Don’t give up too early. If I gave up right away, I would only get about 10 feet and then I would either stop and turn around or continue, but walk instead. The pains you think you feel will probably go away. Just find your rhythm and run/jog.

13. Perseverance matters.

14. Quitting is not an option.

15. Oh, back to the GPS. Make sure it’s fully charged. It doesn’t do any good if the battery dies half way through your run.

16. And speaking about being charged, make sure your iPod or other music device is also fully charged. For me, running without music is like trying to drive your car without any gas. It don’t work.

17. Socks. Spend the money for some good ones. Actual running socks. They DO make a difference.

18. Don’t eat a big meal and then go out and try and run five miles. Doesn’t work. At. All.

19. Make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE you start running.

20. Be proud of yourself for actually running. Period.

If you have learned any lessons about running or any other exercise, for that matter, please feel free to add them by leaving a comment. I would love to hear about it! Thanks much. Stay safe and ALWAYS remember to stretch – before AND after!

5 thoughts on “Lessons learned about running

  1. I know others will have told you this but wearing two bras does cut down on the bounce. An old one on top of your good one. Although I don’t run the streets I do run on a treadmill and I found much comfort in this method. I admire your suggestions. They are all good. Am enjoying your blog. You go girl!


  2. You asked about sports bras – the ONLY sports bras I buy (after learning my lesson with the bad ones) are very reasonably priced at $17 a pop and you can get them at Target! The brand is Champion and they have great moisure wicking material. SUPER awesome bras!!!!

    I enjoy reading your blog!!! Thank you for your continued motivation and suggestions!


  3. Love your blog! I have to thank you for helping me get motivated to start running again, plus the weather is finally good. I agree with all of your tips. Really had to laugh at the underwear one…..that was me tonight on my run/jog. It’s amazing how out of shape a person can get when you don’t do this a least a couple times a week. Hope to get back in form. Thanks again. JoAnn


  4. I have started running 3 months ago and still absolutely hate it! I do like how your blogs motivate me. I am going to sign up for WW on Monday as well. I have just completed my 3rd 5k in 2 months and have 3 more this summer. I am committing myself to running because I need to lose weight and learn to discipline myself with this excercise. Thank you for your very honest blogs!


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