On Thursday, on my way home from St. Cloud, I needed to stop and get something for lunch. I didn’t take the time Thursday morning to pack a lunch, which I try to do most often because…1. I don’t really like fast food anymore, except maybe McDonald’s chicken strips. 2. Eating out gets to be a little bit expensive. 3. I love using my new, uber cute lunch bag I recently purchased.

Instead of opting for fast food, or for that matter, an ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery (yes, I have ate this for lunch!), I stopped at the Coborn’s grocery store in St. Joseph. First off, WOW!, what a great little grocery store. Second, I was very proud of myself for doing this. So, what did I buy for lunch? I went to the deli, purchased two pieces – yes, really, only two pieces – of smoked turkey breast; then I went to the bread section and purchased some Village Hearth sandwich rounds, which are kind of like Arnold’s sandwich thins; I also picked up a package of blackberries; and also, a little container of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower that was already cut up.

When I got out to my car, I made a quick sandwich with the turkey and the bread and then I was on my way back home. Besides my sandwich, I ate all the carrots and all the cauliflower, but not all the broccoli. I decided I liked cooked broccoli better! And then I also ate the container of blackberries. These were kind of like my dessert. They were so juicy and sweet and awesome…well, except the color of my tongue when I got done eating them wasn’t so awesome!

I was so proud of myself for not caving into to stopping at a fast food and wolfing down some greasy and fatty meal.

So, because of how well I did for lunch, later that afternoon, on my way to Glenwood for another meeting, I stopped and had an ice cream cone at McDonald’s! And yes, it was delicious!

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