Back on track

I have been, well…kind of, a little bit…um, okay…really, really not making the best choices lately for food. And to be honest, I have been, well, let’s say…lazy, when it comes to exercise.

Not sure what my problem is. It could be because I have been extremely busy or it could just be I was in a slump and honestly, didn’t much care. I haven’t gained weight, which has been shockingly wonderful. Although to be honest, I keep waiting. I weigh myself every morning and I have stayed about the same…maybe a pound or two jump here and a pound jump there, but then within a couple of days, it’s right back where it should be at.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving, although it goes back a little bit further. To put it bluntly – I. Pigged. Out. Plain and simple. I was doing well, actually, until dessert. My sister-in-law made this to-die-for pumpkin dessert, which by the way, I asked her to bring (yep, basically sabotaged myself). I had one piece, not too big, not too small with a little dollop (okay, a BIG dollop) of fat-free Cool Whip. It was sooooooo good. I had to have another one. HAD TO. I couldn’t resist. I don’t know what came over me.

Well, it all went downhill from there. For the next three days after Thanksgiving, I have done nothing but eat. Non-stop. Non-healthy foods. For instance, on Friday night, my husband and I actually went to the movies – I have been avoiding the movie theater because of the popcorn. Well, we went and yes, I ate popcorn. Half a large bag and it was FULL of butter. Believe it or not, my husband didn’t want any butter, but I told him, “If I am going to the movies and I’m having popcorn, it’s gonna have butter on it. LOTS of butter!” And it did.

Then, on Saturday, I think I finished off the rest of the Cool Whip (two containers which were both about three-fourths full). I can’t even remember what I ate it with, but I know I ate it. I also made these really good ooey-gooey chocolatey brownies that were so-not-good-for-me. At all.

On Sunday, I ate a half bag of Doritos with an entire can of Frito Lay cheddar cheese. Yep, the whole can. And I didn’t even care. I also ate some pizza and almost all of the rest of the brownies. And I ate tons of cheese and crackers and other stuff, too, but I can’t even remember.

All I know is that it felt like something came over me. Someone else took over my body…and my mind….and I just kept eating. And eating. And eating. It was crazy. Kind of fun, but not really. Kind of stupid, really.

But I am over it. I started back on track on Monday and oh, my, goodness, I can already feel a difference. I feel sooooooo much better. Not sluggish. Not lazy. But healthier. And, I am back to tracking my food. I have been really, really bad about that lately and I actually miss tracking. So, on Monday, it was back to tracking. And back to make healthier choices.

Now, if I could just get back into the swing of exercising!!!!

2 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. I wish I had your will-power!
    I want to lose the weight, but you just described my entire life! 😦
    Pig out, Pig out , Pig out.
    I try to be good, but not so good at it. I feel sluggish, tired, crabby and cry every time I have to go to a function of any kind, cuz… nothing looks good.

    You look fantastic! I wish I had your drive and will-power!
    Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!


  2. I had a similar experience during Thanksgiving, but didn’t really gain any weight either. I wonder if because we have maintained a healthy weight for long enough, that we are kind of immune to fast gains? I think that as long as we get back to normal in a short period of time, our bodies don’t have time to adjust to the new fat diet?


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