Fast Food

I do not like to eat at many fast food restaurants. If I do, I typically tend to choose Jimmy John’s or Subway. Before my healthy lifestyle journey began, I was probably what one would call a fast food junkie.

Quick and easy, that’s why I liked to go there. Not necessarily because the food was all that great and definitely not because it was cheap. Seriously, eating out at fast food restaurants frequently can be expensive…I don’t care if they have a budget menu, it’s still expensive. Period.

Jimmy John’s, which is on the spendier side, has the super fantastic Unwich, which is a sandwich wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead of on a bun. Here’s how I always order my sandwich: “I will have the #4 Turkey Tom Unwich with no mayo, no cheese, add cucumbers and avocado spread.”

This is a totally awesome, fresh tasting sandwich. Absolutely superb.

At Subway, here is what I order: “I will have the six-inch wheat with ham and turkey, no cheese, not toasted.” Then, I add lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pickles, olives, green pepper and cucumbers. NO mayo. NO dressing of any kind. And you don’t need it with all those awesome fresh-tasting veggies.

My sandwich at Jimmy John’s is 2 WW pts. and my sandwich at Subway is 5 WW pts. Subway is higher because of the bread.

Well, guess what. The other day I was extremely rushed, hurrying from one job to the next and I didn’t have time for Jimmy John’s or Subway. I had to eat something in my car and I forgot to pack my lunch. YES, if I know I need to be eating in  my car, I PACK A LUNCH. Way cheaper and WAY, WAY healthier. I recommend to everyone who eats on the run to pack a lunch.

And don’t tell me you don’t have time because the time it takes you to run through the drive-thru of a restaurant is about all the time it would take you to pack a lunch that morning.

Anyway, I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru and all I ordered was a grilled chicken sandwich plain…as in no mayo, no cheese, no nothing. It was a piece of meat and a bun. That’s it. I also ordered a bottle of water because I am not a pop drinker and I knew I was going to be thirsty.

First off, I was shocked at the total. It was nearly 6 bucks – yes, $6 for a lousy sandwich and water. But I guess that’s what you pay for convenience. I finally figured out my points for that plain, ol’ boring sandwich, which to be honest, didn’t taste very good. It definitely didn’t have that fresh taste like the other sandwiches I eat. At any rate, it turned out to be 7 WW pts. SEVEN. For a piece of meat and bun. Ridiculous, I thought.

I guess I learned my lesson about remembering to pack my lunch. I will definitely do that from now on!

2 thoughts on “Fast Food

  1. Gosh, Celeste, why did you not leave the lettuce and tomato on the chicken sandwich? I think it comes with lettuce & tomato [along with the cheese, mayo sauce, etc.].


  2. I didn’t have the lettuce because it is usually wilted and I don’t like that and the tomato usually slips offs when trying to eat it and because I was in my car, I could have had problems…been there, done that, not pretty.


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