Taking a hiatus…from eating at restaurants!

After three days in a row of eating out, I have decided I am taking a hiatus from restaurant food and I am really going to try and eat at home for the next two-three weeks. It’s not that hard, actually. I’ve done it before. And survived.

However, with my schedule over the course of the next few weeks, it may be a lofty goal.

I am sure going to try, though, because seriously, going out to eat sure takes a toll on the ol’ pocketbook. Plus, the calories really add up fast, as does the sodium. My gosh, restaurant food must be salty! I seriously feel like the Michelin Man or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the movie, Ghostbusters. Plus, the number on the scale this morning was not fun to see. Every morning, right before I get in the shower, I step on the scale. For the last couple of months, it has been hanging around the 138 mark. Nice, huh? Yep, much better than the 192 pounds it used to be! Anyway, the numbers this morning…were…are you ready for this….144 pounds. In the course of three days, I had gained about six pounds. Yes, 6….S-I-X!!! Craziness. Pure and simple.

So, it all started on Friday when I went out to lunch with my Weight Watchers co-workers. I ate healthy…a #4 Turkey Tom Unwich with no cheese, no mayo, add avocado spread and cucumbers. Oh, and I also had a bag of plain, baked Lays potato chips. Not bad. Actually, it was pretty darn good…and healthy!

Then, after my husband got home from work (I took the day off), we headed to Fargo, ND for Saturday’s 10K race. After checking into the hotel and then a brief stop at Scheel’s to pick up a headband for Al, we headed to HuHot, a Mongolian grill. This can be healthy, as long as you stick to lots of veggies and stay away from the noodles and rice and only have one helping. Whoops, I, believe it or not, had two helpings and had my fair share of both noodles and rice. Aren’t you supposed to load up on carbs before a race? Think so, but probably not as much as I ate. Stupid. I seriously felt sick after, but it did taste great when I was eating it.

On Saturday, after the race, we headed to IHop, which by the way, is becoming one of my favorite go-to breakfast places. They have healthy options on the menu, which I love. They are called Simple and Fit and are all under 600 calories. I had the Simple and Fit Two x Two x Two, which is two pieces of turkey bacon, two pancakes (I had it with sugar free syrup) and two scrambled eggs using egg substitute. The calories, without the syrup, was listed at 400. Not bad. Didn’t feel totally full when I was done. It was a nice feeling.

Saturday evening, Al and I headed out to Bella’s on Broadway, an Italian restaurant in downtown Alexandria. We had planned to go out to eat because we were celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Because it was a celebration and because I had planned for it…I mean, come on, I ran a 10K that morning, I didn’t even think about what I was ordering and just ordered whatever I wanted! Of course, I had to indulge in the pre-meal bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and oil. Yum, it is sooo good. I think I ate four pieces! Or maybe it was five. We also ordered a bottle of wine to go with our meal. Yes, I said bottle. Not glass. For my entree, I ordered the Farfalle Diavolo, which was bowtie pasta with artichokes, black olives, tomatoes, onion and garlic in a red pepper cream sauce. Yes, it was as delicious as it sounded. Believe it or not, we opted not to have dessert…at Bella’s anyway. Oh, and I actually didn’t finish my meal. I brought home leftovers. (Yes, I devoured them the next day!)

We ended up going for a walk and found ourselves at another restaurant/bar…6th Avenue Wine and Ale in downtown Alexandria. We ordered the chocolate blossom for dessert, which was a chocolate pastry thing with chocolate ganache inside a puffed pastry with whipped cream and caramel on top. It was…just okay. Yes, just okay. Too much pastry and not enough chocolate for me. Al actually ate most of it.

So, when Sunday arrived and I woke up, I could feel the puffiness. My fingers were swollen. My toes were swollen. And I was thirsty as all get out. The sodium was definitely having an affect on me. I usually tend to stay away from sodium and I rarely, and I mean rarely, eat prepackaged-type foods that are oozing with too much sodium. My body just can’t handle that much sodium.

Well, we got a call from our friends from Fargo…they were on their way home from Sartell and wanted to stop in Alexandria to visit and…to go out to eat. We couldn’t resist because we don’t see them that often and we LOVE visiting with them. They are one of our favorites couples.

So, off to yet another restaurant. This time, it was Tennessee Roadhouse, a local restaurant out by the Interstate. We haven’t eaten at this restaurant in a really long time, so I was actually looking forward to it. Because I felt like I was starving for some reason or another (it was probably the wine from the night before), I ordered the barbecued pulled pork on a bun (yes, the bun was slathered in either oil or butter and then grilled to perfection) with sweet potato fries. I just wasn’t feeling very healthy. Well, I am glad (kind of) that I ordered what I ordered because…OMG! It was delicious. I scarfed the entire meal. It was delicious, fattening, sodium-filled and I didn’t even care. We ended up having dessert because part of our order was messed up. The turtle cheesecake definitely hit the spot. Was I really hungry for it? Nope. Was I filled to the max already? Yep. But did I eat my half and then some? You betcha. And was I feeling like absolute crap afterward? Yes, indeedy, I was. I made my hubby walk around Walmart for nearly an hour because I was feeling so yucky.

So, now it’s Monday and I am trying to detoxify and rid my body of all the sodium, fat and junk from this weekend and the three-day eating binge. I am proud of today. I ate awesomely. Lots of fruits, veggies and hardly any sodium. I even managed to get in a 2.5 mile run. Thank goodness.

So, my goal stands. I am hoping to stay out of restaurants for the next couple of weeks. But, I am a realistic person and if it so happens I end up going out to eat, I WILL EAT HEALTHY. I will. I promise…to you, my readers, and to myself. I also plan to exercise at least four days each week. And I will do it. I have to. I can. I will.

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