Hello there, dear readers! Once again, it has been a few days. I apologize, but dang it, life has become way too busy.

I have started to pick up some more hours at my second job – at Weight Watchers – and between that and the newspaper and running 5K races, I have been staying pretty darn busy.

Last Saturday, my husband and I ran in the Lakes Area Humane Society 5K race in Alexandria. This particular race last year was our first 5K race we participated in – ever! So this year, I was really looking forward to doing the race a second time because it was the same route as last year and would therefore, be a great comparison to see if I have improved.

Here we are at the finish line after the race:

Well, I have to say, I definitely improved, but it wasn’t the time I wanted. BUT….and this is a BIG BUT….I was happy with my time. Really, I was. At last year’s race, my time was 40:55, which means I ran 3.2 miles in forty minutes and fifty-five seconds.

This year, I ran the same route in 32:21, meaning I chopped eight minutes and thirty four seconds (8:34) off my time. I ran it in 32:31. For not training as thoroughly as I should have, I have to say that I am happy about it.

At least, I am now. I wasn’t at first.

I have to admit that I was disappointed when I found out my time only because I really wanted to do it in 30 minutes. I have yet to beat my time from the 5k in Osakis, which was in June of this year. I don’t know what the deal is. That race, I finished in 30:55. But I have yet to beat that time in any of the races I have finished since.

On Saturday, I felt like I was running really well and near the end, I really kicked it down and it felt great. I don’t know what happened. I did have one person tell me that maybe – just maybe – the route for the Osakis race could have been just a tad shorter and that maybe that is why my time was better at that race. But who knows.

All I know is that I will just keep chugging along…I have to. I have another 5K race this Saturday in St. Cloud. It will be my 8th and final 5K race of the season. My last race will be the 10K in Fargo on October 9. Oh boy, I better get to that training!

P.S.  If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to post them or if you don’t want to do that, feel free to send me an email at Also, you can find Confessions of a Fat Girl on Facebook. Look me up, like me and become a fan. I would love to have you!

One thought on “Improvement

  1. I know it’s easy to get caught up in a certain goal, and to be a little disappointed if you don’t reach it, but you cut over two minutes off each mile, and that would be considered a huge improvement by anyone! If I would have cut two minutes off each of my miles this past Saturday in Bismarck, I would have qualified for the Boston Marathon! Look back a couple of years and then look to where you are now. You’re doing great! Keep up the hard work, and you’ll reach your goal: I’m sure of it!


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